I’ve been so busy lately. I recently started a new job, and I’ve been tired when I got home at night. So blogging was the last thing, I wanted to add to my daily work. But I really missed this place, and I’ll try and stop by a few times a week from now on.

Today, I want to share 5 dishes with you guys. This time it’s the breakfast edition, because I’m trying to be more creative, when it comes to this meal. I’ve selected the five dishes because I liked the ingredients, the look of it, and because it’s something that I would love to eat myself for breakfast.

I hope you get inspired to try out one or maybe even more of these dishes. Enjoy <3 Breakfast Collage 1. Smoothie Bowl
2. Overnight coconut buckwheat porridge
3. Chunky Pistachio Pesto + Avocado Toast
4. Pink Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie
5. Overnight oats with strawberries

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