Browsing through the New York Times, I found this special town house. There is just something fascinating about this place. The rough walls, the simple selection of furniture and the amazing view.

I’m my head the song Rotterdam by The Beautiful South is playing while I write this. I saw the band live once, the day I was a member of clubbed in MTV’s Most Wanted with the one and only Ray Cokes back in the 90s. But back to the town house.

The house was renovated by Rolf Bruggink, a Dutch architect and furniture designer. When he bought the house, “nature had literally taken over, and there were actual plants growing throughout the interior,” he said. “All the wood, which we hoped to reuse in the new construction to maintain a connection with the original house, was rotten and useless. So we gutted the inside and started from scratch.”

So take a look at the wonderful result. And if you want to read more about the architect and his house, there is a whole article in the New York Times here.

Images. The New York Times



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