I’ve just retured from Berlin (a snowy Berlin that is, which was cold but also fun to see the city like that) and today is my first day back at work after a nice long Easter break.

I’ll be writing a mini-guide about Berlin really soon. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed traveling to New York with Tina, while I was gone.

While enjoying a quiet night in the apartment in Berlin, I had the time to catch up on my online reading, and I found this really amazing Swedish apartment.

SFD71FE3461704941D7B69A7E36359F09A6_800x800 SFD97F2649CADC94EFA9D1905BBDD2D0137_800x800 SFDEF41667A0491429B8776AA8F9ABAE7E5_800x800 SFDBE4AA49B0B0B4465A0B62410DFC42F87_800x800 SFDB8C3329BF1F04E7FAE690F85584D65A7_800x800 SFD4C19F8E051074E25A369B2BF3A7D92EE_800x800 SFD928E04F5D6E3427DBBC21E0A54263A6A_800x800

Source: Stadshem


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  1. What a beautiful house. I like the way the decor flows and complements each other as you go from room to room. Also a wonderful configuration – easy visualisation of the baby whilst at work in the study or whilst relaxing in the living room. Loving the black banner and the rug. If my daughter was still little, I would have definitely gone for that playhouse. Looking forward to meeting you at the Hive. 🙂

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