A look through the pictures I’ve picked out for this post might give a slight hint of what I’m missing. I find myself stocking up on all my favourite teas (from Tante T, of course – nothing beats a cup of Cool Mint) , buying socks, warm coats, boots, candles and other nice and warm essentials to get us through this season here in Denmark.

Even though it might seem like dislike this season, I actually kind of like it. Except for the rain, when I have to get to work every morning – it’s not as bad in the afternoon – then it’s just a nice excuse to get home and have a nice and warn cup of tea or chocolate and relax with the kids.

The funny thing is that now that I’ve actually gotten my head around the changing weather out pops the sun again. So, it seems like my stocking up will have to wait for now.




Images: Alvhem

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