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Street art for the home – IKEA Art Event 2015

IKEA Art event 2015 Last weekend we bought one of the posters from the IKEA street art collection.

Street art is the first theme for IKEA Art Event. IKEA invited 12 street artists from around the world to create 12 unique posters for the company.

We bought Nuria Mora to hang in my daughter’s room. She loved it right away. Her little brother got so jealous, so we might have to go out there again and get one for him as well.

Read more about the project and the different artists right here.

Image: IKEA

Birthday and superheros

This weekend my little boy turned 5 years old. It was a wonderful day for all of us. We played with the new Lego Batmobile and plane and the racing set for most of the day. His grandmother and grandfather came to visit and it was time for his cake. After that we went into the city to watch a cycling race. My little man loved it.

I’m sticking to the superhero-theme a little longer, because I’ve been wanting to show you these prints from My Deer Art Shop. I’m so in love with the Zorro-dog.

mydeer_zorrodog_1024x1024 youbatman_1_1024x1024 mydeer_quelefuck_1024x1024


Images: My Deer Art Shop

Wow, I won :)

I never ever win anything! But this morning I was in for a great surprise.

I hadn’t had time to read the latest issue of Trendenser yet, but before heading off to work, I just had to have a quick look.

foto (7)


Then I found out that I actually won the Instagram competition (how cool is that?!). I’ll recieve the beautiful image “Lilla Kjolen” by Lovisa Burfitt – it is on its way to Paris to be personally-signed. That is pretty amazing! I cannot wait to see it.

foto (5)


Source: Trendenser