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This and that for the bathroom

Bathroom products Let’s be honest. My bathroom is not at all comfortable. It’s not trendy or modern (two guys build it in the 90s… I’m just saying), we’ve only got one in the house, we do all the laundry out there, and honestly, I don’t like hanging out in that room. It’s no spa experience that’s for sure.

But I would really like to change the atmosphere and make it more comfortable for the whole family. Some clean, minimalistic storage and bathroom products would help tremendously. Here are a few items on my list, as well as a beautiful bathroom styling for inspiration.

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A fantastic home

Yesterday, a new season of one of my favourite tv shows began. It’s called Danmark’s Skønneste Hjem (The greatest home in Denmark). I fell in love with this home the second I saw it. I’m so glad I found pictures on Bo Bedre‘s website, because now I have even more time to look at all the details. Just sit back and relax and enjoy perfection.







337d771622304653a2bca7b2f4eb12a2-2-original-620-500 Photos: Bo Bedre (Andreas Mikkel Hansen)