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Wishlist September

I’m starting to feel excited. Fall is my favourite season. I love to keep warm under a blanket and enjoy a cup of coffee, while looking at the leaves changing colours. It’s magical.

Once again I’ve collected a few lovely things, which would make my fall even cooler.


– 1 – A black Fiber Chair from Muuto for my home office – 2 – The Push coffee maker from Muuto – 3 – The really cool Kreafunk Amove dock – 4 – La Bucket hand soap  – 5 – A Masterby stool from Ikea – 6 – A W print for William from Playtype – 7 – A Plaid Florence  from Ellos

Coffee and work

I’ve been home sick for the last couple of days – including most of the weekend. I haven’t been able to do much besides lying down on the sofa or bed. But today, I’m off to work again – at least I’ll try it out and see how it goes. My head is still not all the great.

One thing I did notice while in bed was the new coffee maker Push from Muuto. It’s already on my must see in real life list. I need to feel and explore this beauty.

I’m off to work, so have a wonderful Monday out there.

Creativ Boards

Photo: Muuto

DIY for fall

I’ve started collecting a few ideas for DIY projects for fall. I’m getting rather restless these days – and I need different projects at home to distract me, otherwise I get in a foul mood – and we don’t want that.

fall DIY projects

Here are a few of the DIY projects on my list:

Le paper globe – I want to make one or two – one for each kid. Want to make your own, then you can print it right here and get started.

Kitchen labels – I found some really cool ones and a guide over at nordic mojo. Unfortunately, the link to his labels doesn’t work anymore. But it’s great for inspiration. I really need labels like these in my kitchen – and it would be the perfect fall project.

Cord decoration – I first saw this idea a few years ago, and I’ve been wanting to try it out for ages. Now that I might have found wooden balls large enough to fit the purpose, there’s no excuse anymore.

Paper airplane – Ever since I saw Tina’s, also known as Traveling Mama, cute decorations for her boy’s birthday party last year, I’ve been wanting to add paper planes to my boy’s room. He’s got a large old school map on one wall in there, so the planes would be really cool. To see more pictures and to have a look at Tina’s guide, click here.

Lamp decoration – Ever since we moved into the new house, over two years ago, I’ve been wanting to change or even throw out a few lamps. Therefore, I think it’s time to either decorate them or get rid of them. I’ve got a few ideas in my head for decoration.

10 things to buy for your home office

Whether you’re going back to school, starting university or simply going back to work after your holiday, I’m sure you’re dying to make a few changes in your home office.

I know I am. I’ve been moving my habitat table around at home, trying out different corners of our dining room/ my office.

home-office I’ve made a list of ten things to get you going and inspired for another season at your desk.

  1. First you need to get one of these beautiful Le sac en papier bags. It makes throwing out bits and pieces so much more stylish.
  2. What about the beautiful desk Overtime desk designed by Stina Sandwall
  3. You need a great chair. My pick would be About a Chair from Hay, with a beautiful pillow or a blanket.
  4. A beautiful desk lamp from Kaiser Idell.
  5. You need to buy a special cup just for you. It should be your special work cup and only be used, when you’re working. What about one from Design Letters.
  6. Find a print which will inspire you to do your best every day. I would pick something like this one from Etsy.
  7. You need some beautiful stationary. A notebook and pens. I always stash up on Muji pens and notebooks from Søstrene Grene.
  8. A new steel mesh board for all your clippings and inspiration.
  9. You need fresh flowers or green plants to brighten up your day. My pick would either be a black or maybe light pink glass vase from Lyngby Porcelæn.
  10. A few boxes will keep your workspace nice and clutter-free. I’m crazy about the beautiful ObjectBoxes designed by Maya Bille.