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Monday Inspiration

My daughter started 2nd grade today, so I’ve got half the day off. It’s an amazing feeling seeing her in class with all her friends. She’s excited about new classes – including English and just getting back to school after the holiday and playing with her friends.

I was also at the day care with my little man this morning as well. It’s something I almost never get the chance to do, because I have to be at work so early. So here I am, at home, drinking a cup of tea and just thinking about what an amazing family I’ve got. I’m a lucky girl.

yvonne kone shop Scandinavian-home-office.-Le-Sac-en-Papier-paper-bag.-from-Stilinspiration ylvaskarp news SAMSUNG CSC

Here’s a glimpse of what I loved last week:

  • Yvonne Koné’s stunning new shop in Copenhagen, I cannot wait to stop by next time I’m in Copenhagen. Note to self: Must buy another one of her beautiful bags.
  • A home office, filled with beautiful things; I’m crazy about the table and Le sac en papier.
  • Cool news from Ylva Skarp. I’m pretty sure my mother and father bought the balance print for my birthday. On Friday I’ll know for sure.
  • And last but not least, Maria Harmuth‘s table. I’m thinking about creating a similar table. I’ve been looking for a new dining table, but it’s really not that easy finding something we both like.

Cool room for a little boy

Over the weekend I came across a beautiful mexican blog called Ale Besso. Alejandrina Bessoberto is the creative mind behind the inspiring blog. She’s a Art Freelance Graphic Designer and lives by the sea in Mexico with her family.

I feel in love with some of Ale’s own creations in her son Leonardo’s room. Leonardo is almost two-and-a-half years old – and what a lucky little boy. Ale’s idea behind the room was to create a fun place with geometric shapes. She has used her favourite colors – soft grey, blond wood, white and a touch of black in order to create this space for Leonardo.

Here’s a tour of his room for you to enjoy. Thanks Ale for letting me post your beautiful pictures.

002 006 007 005 003


Images: Ale Besso

Pink wishes

I’m enjoying the last week of my vacation with the kids right now. We’re enjoying new places in Aalborg during the day, and at night, when the kids are sleeping, we’re enjoy cold drinks and good company.

I thought I would continue with a few more items from my wishlist. This time I’ve collected a few things in different shades of pink.


Bellino from Kähler | A pink jopo bike | Candy Dot Cushion Steelcut Trio from Hay | Medium Bellino from Kähler | Affisch Vee Speers 2 print | The Shoulder Bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company

Welcome to the city of champions

While in Gothenburg I stopped by Artilleriet in Magasinsgatan. It’s a must stop by shop when I’m in the city. And a natural stop before getting a cup of coffee at da Matteo right next door.

I really wanted to buy the “Welcome to the city of champions” print by Playtype. But somehow I left the shop without it, but with another nice treat for myself though. I then returned home and started researching for new blog posts, and I came across the print again. I saw it in this beautiful home on Alvhem.

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The home, which is not for sale anymore is located in the same street as another of our must stop by places in the city. We always enjoy a meal at Egg & Milk.

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I’m loving the Gothenburg print in the kitchen as well as the selection of coffee. Yes, I did spot coffee beans from da Matteo. I wouldn’t mind going back – maybe a little getaway with out the kids.

Images: Alvhem

Back to school

We’ve been enjoying the first couple of days of our vacation right here in Aalborg. We started off with my daughter being sick, but now that she’s up and running again, we’re ready to explore/enjoy/and take it all in again. First stop is Søstrene Grene. We’re going to buy a few things for school – and there’s a beautiful selection of stationary in the shop right now.

Søstrene Grene Girl picstitch (71) Søstrene Grene Søstrene Grene boy I just popped into the shop a few days ago during my lunch break to have a look. I’m a bit of a collector, when it comes to notebooks – so I was in notebook-heaven. You can see the entire collection right here.


More stationary on Etsy

While looking for more pencils, I also found a few prints, stickers and a pillow. I’ve found e few more sets of pencils – and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to buy them all. It’s impossible to choose.

Etsy shopping 2 Find it on Etsy right here – 1234

Etsy shopping 3

Find it on Etsy right here: – 1234

Etsy shopping 1

Find it on Etsy right here: – 1234