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Kitchen love

It’s time for me to go back to work again. It has been an amazing Easter break – a much needed one for sure. During my beak, I found this beautiful kitchen on Fantastic Frank. It almost made me change my mind in terms of painting our kitchen cabinets grey. It’s such a lovely kitchen space – and I’ll keep it in mind in the future.

The apartment also has a few wonderful bed solutions for the kids, so if you’re looking for new ideas in that department, go check it out right here.

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Spring cleaning on my Mac

I was just spring cleaning my desktop on my mac. I was supposed to paint some more, but I just needed a clean canvas before class.

I saved these pictures from Fantastic Frank some time ago, and I forgot to share them here on Espresso Moments. Just now, I got inspired all over again, and might do something similar in my boy’s room. He’s getting a desk for a ‘big boy’ tomorrow, and I need some decoration on the wall above the desk.

SFD4B8FC8160B85464DB09159D1657DC18B_960x SFD90F7219C9ED94B6A97CF443EC8BEC11A_960x SFD9CDFD33CC5AB444F9DB9C089177AA672_960x SFD4BAEEF1A44124C9EB99C2EE0BCBC46DC_960x

Images: Fantastic Frank