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String styling

It’s no secret that I’m a huge String fan, so imagine how I felt, when I found these 22 different String stylings.  The talented Lotta Agaton is  String’s set designer – and she also teach set design at Beckmans collage of design in Stockholm. The 22 different String stylings were completed by some of her recent students.

This is heaven for a String-addict like me. It was almost impossible to select a few of them for this post. But don’t worry, you can see the rest right here.

Anna_Soderberg Eva_Torkelson Gulnaz_Oldmark Helena_Jafs_Heino Josefin_Haag Maja_Halling Photos: String


A home in Sweden

When I first saw this beautiful Swedish home, I was drawn by the perfect home office. It’s so inspiring and I’m dreaming about creating a similar inspiration board above my desk. I have to get back to work. Had to leave work a bit early today, because I had to take the kids to the dentist. So I still need to write an article or two, before I can relax.

Have a lovely evening. xoxo

SFDD10B9730DB214562863D4CF8177204DB_1024x SFDDF1062A75D7B4730B153DF361799096B_1024x SFD3C2FF382B1854199A559E0A8FF620A5E_1024x SFDC363D910E68245CAB132BFD66B729F54_1024x SFD0C874BA7A42C461FBD04BBF8AACE2435_1024x SFDE9EB30030D3C4262A619D006C9BA8D26_1024x Pictures: Alvhem

Prints on the wall

I’ve been looking for new prints again. January sort of put everything on hold, and I didn’t finish my new project – finding prints for our white wall. So now that I’m on top of the world again, I figured it was about time to start looking again. I’ve picked out a few prints today.



spot___forever_1000px -1- Laugh by About graphics -2- drop me a line by About graphics -3- Aalborg by Friday Twenty2 -4- Forever yours by About graphics -5- spot or dot by About graphics

Malmö Living

After a small blog break I’m back. January was way to busy and crazy for me to handle right now. Hopefully, a new month will mean a new chapter and some peace and quiet. Finding peace and quiet for me is taking a walk by the fjord here in Aalborg. Just being near water calms me down right away. That is why I picked out this wonderful Malmö apartment. This is just pure bliss in my opinion.








48AAQLFA2VCLP6RL Source: Bjurfors


Beautiful 2014 calendar

As you know, I’ve been looking at different calendars for 2014. I’ve just found the perfect one for my home office. Oh the Lovely Things has created an amazing 2014 calendar, and the best thing is that it is free.

I cannot stop looking at it. I’m in love with the different patterns and the colour palette. I cannot wait to get ink for my printer so I can hang this above my table.

Visit Oh the Lovely Things right here to get the free printable yourself.


Photo: Oh the Lovely Things