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Making a wishlist for my daughter

Today my daughter and I started looking at things to add to her wishlist. We’ve been talking about things to add for a while now. But sooner or later people will start asking for a list, so I figured why not get started now. Here are some of the things she picked out so far. I’ll add a few more things as we get closer to Christmas.

Wishlist girl Christmas


Get it right here: Nomess Balsabox Personal boxpink Muuto E27 lamp – Hay pillowHay TwinsPols Potten Dream GlobePrint by Froh und Frau himmel rosa

A sweet Christmas

Next week the first printed magazine full of Christmas ideas will be published and my mailbox will be full of them. I cannot wait. I go nuts every year and buy a ton of different magazines. I’m sure the publishers just love me this time of year.

Skærmbillede 2013-10-13 kl. 12.18.23

This year I also subscribed to Sweet Paul’s Holiday Mailing List. I’m a huge fan of Paul and his work, and I always get inspired browsing through his different projects and magazines. Therefore, it’s the obvious thing to do. You can subscribe to the mailing list by clicking on the link above.

Source: Sweet Paul


ferm living x-mas collection

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. I love to decorate and to ‘hygge’ (as we say in Denmark) with the kids. I’ve been browsing through ferm living’s Christmas Collection 2013 – and I already pre-ordered a few things. But here’s a look at a few other things I might add to my collection before Christmas. You can get a look at ferm living’s latest catalogue here.

ferm living christmas 2013


Source: ferm Living

Life in Black & White










Sometimes it feels like I live in a black and white world. It makes me want to scream and shout. But when I add some colour to this everyday world of mine, I want to smile, laugh and embrace the people around me. The first world I have a hard time embracing ’cause I don’t think I really get that way of looking at life.

Here are some beautiful pictures from Stadshem. And I know, a black and white world can also be beautiful – just look at these homes.


Pictures I saved this week

I’m about to enjoy a cup of tea and a magazine after a relaxing day with my family. My parents invited us out for brunch – which was a fantastic way to start the day. But before I’ll close down I want to share a few pictures with you.

I pin, save and mark quite a lot of pictures during one week. Sometimes I find a whole bunch of them hidden away on my Mac. Therefore, I’ve decided to post some of them here on Espresso Moments. Maybe you’ll be inspired as well.

artilleriet owner home via la maison d anna g via la maison d’anna g

trappe via milk magazine via Milk magazine

artilleriet owner home via la maison d’anna g

via fantastic frank via Fantastic Frank


Christmas came early

Or at least my Christmas shopping began a bit early this year. I already pre-ordered the ferm living Christmas tree skirt – it was sold out last year before I got my hands on one.

And I added a white Happy lights string to the basked as well. Now I’m debating whether or not to get the black ladder from House Doctor, because it would look really pretty with the white lights and maybe some presents.

But one thing I’ll click home this weekend is the beautiful mobile made by Kristina Dam.

Have you been looking or even shopping for Christmas decor yet?

julepynt kristina dam mobile Photo: Kristina Dam