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Cool DIY project

I absolutely love Jennifer’s (from A Merry Mishap blog) concrete diamond project. It’s so rough and really beautiful. I’m going to look for some quick dry cement here in Denmark and then I’ll try creating a diamond or two myself. Inspired? Go to her DIY guide right here on A Merry Mishap.

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Time for coffee and gift tags

It’s Monday. It’s really early. The house is still quiet. They are all asleep. In a few minutes we’ll all be up and running ready for another week.

GiftTag1 GiftTag3


I found these really cute printable chalkboard gift tags created by The Elli Blog – ready for you to print. Visit the blog to get the free printable right here.

Have a lovely Monday out there.

DIY book origami

It’s the latest trend among bloggers and I find it really beautiful. I’m just kind of a book nerd in the sense that I would never dream of bending the back of a paperback book and I would never ever fold down a corner of a book page. So you see, I’ve got a bit of a problem here. I would really like to try this, I just need to find the right book 😉

Here’s a few examples for you to enjoy.

book via annaleenashem blogspot





Source: 1234

Cute DIY x-mas project

It might be last minute, but I just couldn’t help it. I found this cute DIY Christmas Street from mrprintables, and I had to share it with you.

I don’t think I’ll make it this year though (and somehow we’ve ended up with way too many calendars again this year). But I’ll keep this one in mind for next year. You can find and print them right here.

I’m off to do the last bit of cooking – in one hour 18 people will arrive – and we’ll kick off the Christmas party season once again. Half of them are kids, so we’re going to have so much fun.

Have a lovely Sunday!