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DIY table

I’ve been thinking about creating a new dinner table for our home. I want a big one, because I want to be able to seat a lot of people. I want it to be rustic and I think what I’m actually looking for is a refectory table kind of feeling. I’ve been looking at different solutions and I’ve found a few cool solutions using the table legs Vika Lerberg from Ikea. I know some of these tables are coffee tables and desks, but they are all great inspiration.

Source: weekdaycarnival, ikeaspotting, Stylizimo, livet hemma, Alvhem, Apartment Therapy

Home office

Yesterday, you got a glimpse of my home office in my guest post on Nia’s blog. Today, I want to show you a beautiful home office, with a cool solution on the wall. This is a really cool way of adding prints and graphic details – which I’m sure will boos your creativity everyday.

Source: Alvhem

If only the weather…

It’s too bad that I didn’t see this arrangement earlier. But for now, we’ll just have to collect clippings, pictures and other stuff for our makeover of our rooftop terrace next year.

This is so cozy, and imagine all the storage space. This would be perfect for what I had in mind up there.

Source: Stadshem

Weekend fun

In need of a fun weekend activity with your kids? I’ve found the perfect DIY project. This simple shape dominos game will have your kids playing in no time.

For game instructions and the free printable dominoes templates go visit Handmade Charlotte’s blog right here. I hope you’ll have a fantastic weekend.

Image: Handmade Charlotte

Getting organised…

I was reading through The Guardian today, and found some pretty cool ideas for getting organised. I especially like the children’s art and craft storage solution. It looks great, and you never know where to stack all your baking trays anyway.

I’m on a mission – I want to store my food in different jars with labels on each and one of them. So seeing this picture online today, made me want to go look for cool labels and jars. What about you – are you on a similar mission? And did you have any luck finding labels?

Another thing I haven quite figured out yet is where to place gift wrapping stuff. I always end up with quite a selection, and I never know where to put it all. So I might actually consider this idea.

Finally, hanging on the ikea hangers – yes it is in fact tights. I didn’t notice that before reading the text. But it really is a great idea.

So after this little bit of inspiration, I think I’ll try and get a bit more organised during the summer holiday. It’s the perfect project for a rainy day.

Source: The Guardian

Magazine love

This week I’ve been reading and re-reading the wonderful new iPad magazine Trendenser.

Frida Ramstedt did a perfect job with this first issue. I must say, I’m very very impressed. To be honest, I couldn’t see the point in subscribing to a magazine on my iPad until I saw Trendenser.

I bought a subscription right away, and while I wait for the next issue – I just know I will be re-reading this premiere issue over and over again.

Some of the topics I liked most in the first issue include the styling af the bedroom (see cover), the cute DIY projects, the how to guide and the shopping guide. The shopping guide made me want to go to Sweden this summer with the kids. So, later today, I’ll be looking at hotels in Gothenburg.

So, on this rainy Sunday – if you have a moment to yourself, you should check out this new iPad magazine.

I’ll be unpacking the last boxes today, and try to decide where to put some of our stuff. Have a lovely day.

Source: Picture borrowed from Trendenser