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Great DIY project

I fell in love with this DIY project the moment I first saw it. What a lovely way to display all the tiny things, you know you have all around your home. I try hard not to buy those things, because I never know where to put them. But I fail big time. So this is the perfect solution. I found it on the lovely blog Mokkasin, and you should hop on over there for more pictures. Oh and one more thing, don’t you just love the Angels?

Source: Mokkasin

Work on what you love…

Here’s a cool DIY project for your door. I’m considering doing the same thing, if I can find a suitable door in our new home.

The apartment belongs to blogger Charlotte, who blogs at Blackbird.Her place is for sale here, so if you’re looking for an apartment in Göteborg, this might be it. And even though you’re not home hunting you should check it out because of the cool kitchen.

Source: Alvhem

My Eye Exam – New in

I went shopping today, splashed out big time. Had to do the last bit of shopping before the Easter lunch tomorrow – and of course get a cup of coffee at Behag.

I bought this eye exam thing (a piece of plastic to use on the table under your plate) in Søstrene Grenes for DKK 10. I placed it on the wall above my working space in the living room.

Happy Easter out there.

Cool storage for kids

Here is some inspiration for a rather cool storage solution for all the tiny toys your kids tend to bring to the home. I’m collecting glass jars right now, and hopefully I’ll be creating these lovlies soon. They will look great in my son’s new room.

I found them on this great blog that I’m now following called My 2nd hand life. It’s a wonderful source of inspiration, and just by reading through the posts, I’ve found a few other DIY projects, just waiting for me to get started. But more about them later on. So I highly recommend that you check out the blog here. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a project or two just by having a look around. Enjoy.

Images: My 2nd hand life

Photo a Day Challenge

To kick off 2012 I’ll participate in Fat Mum Slim‘s Photo a Day Challenge January 2012. It’s printed out and hanging on the wall above my laptop – so there’s a good chance I might actually get it done every day.

So here’s my challenge.

I’ll be uploading my photos on Instagram (@espressomoments) every day – so do follow me there.

If you want to participate in the challenge yourself, you can find instructions right here.

Happy Birthday

Today we’ll be celebrating my husband’s birthday. He turns 32 – and the whole family is invited. We’ll enjoy a few hours here in our apartment and then give them a little tour of some of the Christmas markets here in Aalborg. So Happy Birthday love!

Image: Lokal 54 notebook