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Another day another dream

I’m still looking for cool prints and posters for our home, and I came across this cool Etsy shop. The owner is yumalum, who wants to brighten your day and home with his work. I’m tempted to add that his mission is accomplished. I couldn’t think of  better way to brighten my home.

The prints are truly something. I cannot decide which one to get. I’m really drawn to the “Another day another dream” print, because that’s kind of the way I’m feeling right now. However, I also love the one “I want to lounge with you”. For once it’s my all time favourite chair, but it’s also a really cool print.

You’ll find his shop here and if you want more he also has a blog right here.

Images: yumalum

Eames til skrivebordet

Nu nærmer 2011 sig og jeg glæder mig altid til at købe en ny kalender. Jeg er faldet for denne flotte kalender med Eames stole, som StoryByMia har designet og sælger via Etsy shoppen af samme navn.

2011 is just around the corner. What I love most about this time of year is finding my new calendar. 2011 might be an Eames chairs year. I found this beautiful calendar on StoryByMia’s Etsy shop right here.

Images: StoryByMia via Etsy