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Sunday night

I’m sitting at our new desk while I write this post. It’s been one of those projects, which took way too long to finish, because we couldn’t find the right table top. But now that we decided on an Ikea solution (at least for now), I must admit it’s quite nice sitting here. In the background the music is playing and I’m about to sit back, enjoy a cup of tea and read a good book before heading off to bed. Another week is just around the corner.

This weekend was a mixture of baking (an amazing cheesecake-brownie with cherries), sleepover, re-decorating, Dok#1, Tuborg Summer (while I still can), good company, coffee with friends, sleeping, making pear-fennel jam, kitchen planning and Hama with the kids.

I’m dreaming of a new kitchen – and I found a few really cool pictures on Stadshem. I really like quite a few details in this flat and the dining room.




SFDC2A0975B9CBF4B708F7538BF5212E31F_800x800 Images: Stadshem


ferm living – the beautiful new collection

I’ve been looking through a lot of catalogues lately. I’m really looking forward to autumn and all the beautiful new collections out there. I’ll pick out a few items from some of my favourite brands in the coming weeks, and show you what I would add to my shopping bag this season.

I’ll start off with one of my favourite Danish brands today. I’ve been looking through ferm living’s catalogue quite a few times already. Their latest collection is fantastic, and I find it really hard to contain myself.

ferm living fall 2013

I especially love the wire basket turned into a small table. It would fit right into my daughter’s room, or as a new bedside tabe for me. And I’m thinking about adding the new clothes rack to our hallway. Of course, I’ve also picked out a few things for the kids.

ferm living kids-1 Images: ferm living

Yet another String place

It’s Sunday, it’s raining outside and it’s the last day of our tiny vacation. It’s too bad it’s almost over. But we still have a lot of games to play this afternoon, food to be made and tea to drink. So I’m sure we’ll be okay.

Next week will be more busy than usual. My husband will leave for Sweden (and hopefully bring back this beautiful magazine rack from DesignTorget), and I’ll be working from home for a few days in order to get the kids to school and preschool and back again.

We’re decorating the last wall in our dining room right now, got the Mågestel out of the boxes this weekend, and now we’re trying to decide on the last storage solution (I’m tempted to write ‘again’ here). I’m thinking about adding yet another String system to our home – but I’m still looking for different options.

Source: Alvhem


The yellow door

There it is – so full of life and reminding you of summer. The yellow door. Don’t you wonder what’s behind that door? I do.

To me doors are not just doors. There is a story behind every door. And I cannot help but wonder what the story is about this door and what is behind it. Even though it might ‘just’ be the bathroom. Why did the owner pick this door?

Apart from the yellow door, which I dream of having one day, I find this Swedish apartment quite interesting. Just look at all the wonderful lamps. The beautiful Alvar Alto chairs and the Eames Hang it All. This place will stay in my mind for quite some time, I’m pretty sure of that. This one I’ll return to more than once, just to look at the details.

Images: Alvhem

Life in Black and White

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve hardly had any time to open my Mac and sit down and relax, so that’s why I’ve been so quiet. We’ve had a quiet weekend with the kids but spiced it up with a bit of a fever.

The little one was not his usual self yesterday after a hard night without much sleep and a fever. So the best thing was to keep it simple. My girl and I went shopping for stuff for our Christmas decorations while the boys slept at home. But strangely enough, we didn’t buy anything. So either we’re too picky, or else there isn’t much to buy this year. So I’ve decided that we should bring down the Christmas boxes from the attic and have a look.

I haven’t had much time to prepare posts this week, but I did find time to look for black and white inspiration. So have a lovely Sunday and enjoy these rooms.

Images: Alvhem