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Beautiful 2014 calendar

As you know, I’ve been looking at different calendars for 2014. I’ve just found the perfect one for my home office. Oh the Lovely Things has created an amazing 2014 calendar, and the best thing is that it is free.

I cannot stop looking at it. I’m in love with the different patterns and the colour palette. I cannot wait to get ink for my printer so I can hang this above my table.

Visit Oh the Lovely Things right here to get the free printable yourself.


Photo: Oh the Lovely Things

Happy December 1st

December is here – and there’s no sight of snow here in Denmark at all. Actually it’s still quite warm outside.

Today, we’ve been enjoying a quiet and cozy morning with rice-pancakes (used my grandmother’s recipe – and missed her so much). The kids opened their first presents and I opened our Johan Bülow 24 Little Black Secrets. Some of us aren’t feeling that well, so we’ll take it easy for the rest of the day and maybe watch a Christmas movie.

This is also the last week of my Blogging Your Way e-course – and again it’s been an amazing journey. I cannot believe that it’s already over. But I’ll just have to wait for the next course to begin. I’ve been so inspired, and I cannot wait to make some changes here on the blog.

BYW Espresso Moments

Magasin Living

I’m home again after another day at work and I’m browsing through the catalogue Magasin Living. I’m in the mood for shopping – and I think I’ve found the perfect place.

I’ve spotted a few interesting things in the catalogue. Take the new Lego boxes for example. They might not be new, however, I haven’t seen them in these colours before. I really like these, because they are a bit more neutral. I might actually consider buying these for the kids for Christmas.

Skærmbillede 2013-09-30 kl. 17.01.21

Skærmbillede 2013-09-30 kl. 17.01.34 I also saved the picture of this beautiful desk. I like to be organised, and I like it when there’s a spot for (almost) everything. I need to get a few more things in order to feel at home when I’m working from home. To view the entire catalogue just click here.

A fantastic home

Yesterday, a new season of one of my favourite tv shows began. It’s called Danmark’s Skønneste Hjem (The greatest home in Denmark). I fell in love with this home the second I saw it. I’m so glad I found pictures on Bo Bedre‘s website, because now I have even more time to look at all the details. Just sit back and relax and enjoy perfection.







337d771622304653a2bca7b2f4eb12a2-2-original-620-500 Photos: Bo Bedre (Andreas Mikkel Hansen)