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Home office

Yesterday, you got a glimpse of my home office in my guest post on Nia’s blog. Today, I want to show you a beautiful home office, with a cool solution on the wall. This is a really cool way of adding prints and graphic details – which I’m sure will boos your creativity everyday.

Source: Alvhem

Fantastic Frank & plants

I’ve had a fantastic weekend surrounded by amazing friends. So I haven’t had time to blog or read other blogs. So right now I’m trying to catch up and I just finished an exciting guest post, which will be featured on one of my favourite blogs this week. So stay tuned for that one.

Before I jump into yet another week at the office, I want to show you some beautiful pictures from Fantastic Frank. Looking at these pictures I realise that I seriously need some plants in our home. Maybe that should be my next project. Finding beautiful plants, and of course plants that I won’t be able to kill after only a few days 😉 Any suggestions?

Source: Fantastic Frank

The perfect home

What does the perfect home look like? I’m interested in the different spaces you create in each room. Being a family of four – well we need our own personal space, but we also need spaces around the house, where we can play, read and just hang out together.

Because we’re still decorating and moving things around in our new home, I think about this a lot. We’re still walking around the house, looking for solutions and getting lots of new ideas. We know that one day,  we’ll want a new kitchen and a new bathroom. But that’s the huge projects. The tiny and smaller projects take up a lot of time too.

Right now I’m starting to get a bit impatient. I just want all the tiny and small stuff out of the way, so I can move on to the interesting part. I still don’t have a proper office corner, and it’s starting to bug me. I’ve got the table, the chair, the view, postcards and pictures for decorating and of course my mac. But I still don’t feel a home.

Source: Alvhem – Apartment TherapyAlvhem – Shootfactory

Weekend inspiration

I’ve just returned from a quick city break in Hamburg with my husband. It was a spur of the moment decision. We arrived at our hotel at 8pm Friday night – so we hadn’t planned anything. We just relaxed and enjoyed the amazing city. Pictures to come later. Right now I want to show you a beautiful home.

And look out for my guest post on a special Boutique Hotel tomorrow.

Source: SkandiaMÀklarna