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This week

I’m still re-decorating my new favourite pastime space. It’s such a joy to decorate my own private space. This is where I can relax, blog and gather my thoughts.

The Stendig Calendar is hanging in the hallway – and it looks amazing. I’m pretty sure I’ll like the black months the best, because our hallway is quite white. And I cannot wait to use the old sheets for gifts.

I’m also cleaning out some old clippings, and saving only the very best. Ever since Christmas I’ve had the urge to go through binders, drawers and other corners of our home.

Images: Espresso Moments

Life in Black and White

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve hardly had any time to open my Mac and sit down and relax, so that’s why I’ve been so quiet. We’ve had a quiet weekend with the kids but spiced it up with a bit of a fever.

The little one was not his usual self yesterday after a hard night without much sleep and a fever. So the best thing was to keep it simple. My girl and I went shopping for stuff for our Christmas decorations while the boys slept at home. But strangely enough, we didn’t buy anything. So either we’re too picky, or else there isn’t much to buy this year. So I’ve decided that we should bring down the Christmas boxes from the attic and have a look.

I haven’t had much time to prepare posts this week, but I did find time to look for black and white inspiration. So have a lovely Sunday and enjoy these rooms.

Images: Alvhem

Roslagsgatan, Stockholm

Yet again I find myself carried away by the beautiful pictures from Fantastic Frank, and of course the amazing space right in the centre of Stockholm.

Living with two kids under the age of six in the middle of a city makes you extremely aware of your living space – of at least that is the case in our home. You have to come up with different solutions as the kids grow up – and it’s always with a limited amount of rooms and space. In our case we rent our apartment, so our options are rather limited. We cannot tear down  a wall or put one up to create an extra room.

Even though it bugs me at times, it’s also what keeps me going. I love to come up with new solutions, rearrange rooms or corners to make them fit our current needs.

And now I’ll return to the wonderful apartment in Stockholm. I love how they’ve made a room for sleeping and a room for play. The fact that the adults can work/play in the same room, where the kids are playing is wonderful, because we all know how things turn out in the end right?

Lastly I want to highlight a few details that I particularly love about this place.

– The stove to rule them all. This is my idea of heaven, and the very first thing we do buy, when we move into our very own place someday.

– The bed with lots and lots of storage underneath. I just haven’t figured out the construction of this bed yet.

– Of course the various versions of the String shelves.

– And the view of course.

Images: Fantastic Frank

A Mac & A String

For a few months now, we’ve been going back an forth, because we couldn’t decide which way to hang our iMac to the wall. Our plan is to use it as our main TV, and still be able to use is as a work station.

And last weekend we finally decided on the perfect solution – a String system. The computer will be in the middle of our living room, and we don’t want the work station to be too dominating.

The funny thing is that while surfing for blog posts inspiration on Sunday morning I found these pictures on Alvhem. This is the solution we decided on. And it’s great to see it in real life, before buying the String system.

What do you think about this solution?

Source: Alvhem