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Design Moments – ferm LIVING

The history behind ferm LIVING

ferm LIVING is a Danish interior company that aims at designing and manufacturing interior products with a graphic touch. The product range consists of wallpaper, WallStickers, textiles, kitchen items, a large KIDS collection and much more great stuff to come.

ferm LIVING originates from a graphic design agency in Aarhus, Denmark, founded by Trine Andersen in 2005. The company came to life after Trine, mostly for fun, decided to visit a clairvoyant. Trine was quite astonished when the clairvoyand saw a little bird sitting confused on a branch, not knowing which way to fly. This sight was essential for Trine’s decision to follow her dream of starting her own business. When she then founded ferm, the little bird found knew exactly where to go and now sits on top of the company logo.

The company went from being a graphic design agency to a company designs and selling lifestyle products when Trine was re-decoration her house. She was looking for graphic wallpaper, but just couldn’t find the right pattern – and when she found it, it was way too expensive. Trine decided, that other people probably felt the same way, so she decided to take it upon herself to create graphic wallpaper patterns at an affordable price.

By February 2006, the very first wallpaper collection hit the streets, and since then things have been going fast! ferm LIVING now operates in many markets around the world and has agents/distributors in Australia, USA, Finland, The Netherlands, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden and Japan.

Statement by Trine Andersen:

Wallpaper is like fashion for your home

Favourite objects from different ferm LIVING collections

I’ve had many favourite items the last couple of years, but some just stay in my head and whenever I think og ferm LIVING I think of these things.



KIDS collection

Over the years, I’ve bought quite a few things for my kids from their collections. I love decorating their room with these delicious products. I still got a few things on my to-by-list, but it’ll have to wait till they get separate rooms.

For the ideal office space

Clip boards have become kind of a must-have if you like decorating just a little bit. I find them very useful, and very decorative. Remember the Susanna Vento post a few days ago. Now that was an amazing use of clip boards. Soon I’ll be re-arranging my home office, and I’m pretty sure a clip board or two will find their way to our apartment.

For the living room

I love the big collection of cushions. If you can’t fine one you like in Trine’s collection, I don’t think you’ll find one anywhere.

If you haven’t had enough of Trine Andersen and ferm LIVING, you I’ll enjoy my next post. I’ll show you how she lives. You’ll see how she uses her own design i different rooms in her house.

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My love for Danish design

I’ve been fascinated by design for as long as I can remember. My childhood neighbour was the boss at a production facility, where they made Georg Jensen products. And from time to time, I got to pick out a gift from their collection. So from a very early age, I got interested in their collections. I remember one time, where I got to pick out my favourite item on a table. There was no doubt in my mind, I picked out a candle holder designed by Arne Jacobsen for the SAS Royal Hotel. When I picked it out, I didn’t know that it was designed by Arne Jacobsen, I just picked it out, because I loved the design. Knowing what I know now, I’m thrilled that I didn’t pick something else, because it is still one of my favourite items in our home.

But to make a long story short, I just came to think of this story, when I saw this home earlier today. The home, I’m about to show you, is packed with many of my design favourites. So I hope you’ll enjoy the tour as much as I did.

You can read more about the home right here.

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A cookie monster

I’ve been feeling a bit weird lately, and therefore haven’t been blogging that much. I guess my inspiration took a break or something. But it’s coming back again, and I feel an urge to blog again. We went to Aarhus this weekend, did a bit of shopping and visited some family. It was nice, and I always get inspired when I walk around town.

We bought this cute little sugar bowl from Muuto, designed by Jonas Wagell, and now all I can think of is the yellow cookie jar. I don’t know if it’s the jar, or the cookies we’ll keep in the jar that attracts me the most though.

But luckily for me, my hubby and I will be spending a weekend in Copenhagen in the beginning of June, and I’ll be able to walk the streets for inspiration. I cannot wait. It’s nice to get some time all by ourselves, and we’re going to what I hope is an amazing concert with the Danish singer Tina Dickow. So with these things happening, I’m happy that I feel inspired again. Actually, I worked on my more private work station this weekend, and now I may actually get a place all to myself, where I can be creative and do my stuff.

Image: Muuto