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Magazine Sunday – part 2

When it comes to decorating, I find inspiration from all sorts of places. I look through thousands of magazines every year, watch TV, and take in my surroundings. Ivy & piper is one of the magazines I read online.

Although, I don’t have the same style in my home (mine is very Scandinavian), I still enjoy reading a magazine, with a whole other decorating style. In this issue of Ivy & Piper, I noticed the lovely calendar – it’s very colorfull, which I love, and very festive.

Collages always inspire me – and this one fits my mood this morning. It’s funny, because I really like a wall like this. I just don’t think I could create one in my own home. When it comes down to it, I think I’m a bit too simple for this kind of decorating. But luckily for me, I can enjoy pictures like this one, without having to create one myself.

You can read the latest issue of Ivy & piper right here.

Images: Ivy & Piper

Stockholm Living

I’m in love. I’ve been working a lot this week, and haven’t had the time to visit many blogs. But I’ve taken the day off tomorrow, I’m sitting outside Aarhus and the kids are sleeping. It’s pretty great. And I’ve been enjoying myself tonight with google reader. I found this lovely apartment in Stockholm. I know it’s been all over the blog world, but I have to save it too. Lots of fantastic details in this place. And it’s for sale.

Images: Eklund