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Mother’s day wishes

A week from now it’s Mother’s Day. My daughter is planning the day several weeks in advance. And right now, I’m not allowed to enter her room, without knocking on the door first. She’s making plans and a gift for me and so is her little brother. She’s been asking me for weeks what I would like for Mother’s Day, because she wants to go out an buy a present for me as well. This is the list I’ve come up with.


I’ve found a ring and a pod for my leather barcelet from byBiehl. I love Charlotte’s design, and it’s time to add a new pod to my collection. I also quite like the double earchain from Pernille Corydon. The beautiful balance print from Ylva Skarp has been on my wishlist for some time now. And as some of you might know, I would love to add it to our bedroom.

I would also love to get ready for the sun and long summer days with the new organic sun oil and stick from Rudolph Care.

One of the coolest things would be a basket full of products from Blok 18. Just fill it up with all good things from Bornholm, and then I will be in food heaven. On my list is also the grey bottle set from Menu. And to add a bit of fun to our kitchen, I would love the kitchen wall quote from Made of Sundays.

Stockholmsgatan living

I’ll continue my smaller living theme today. I came across this beauty on Stadhem this morning. The apartment is only 38 square metre – just a tiny bit larger than my very first place. Just look at the amazing built-in-storage solutions, the cool collage above the bed and the beautiful black kitchen.

Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem1 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_3 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_2 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_5 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_6 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_7 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_4 Stockholmsgatan_Stadshem_8

Photos: Stadshem


The green life

It’s been a wonderful sunny weekend and we’ve been outside most of the time. Our rooftop terrace is now our extended living room – and I’m loving it. Gosh, I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed being out there.

We’re adding an urban garden in one corner again this year. The herbs are doing fine – so far. Truth be told, I’m not that good with plants and flowers. I would like to be, and this summer I’m giving it another go.

green plants

I would also love to add a bit of green inside as well. I’ve found a few plantpots that I like, and if the plant decides to die on me again… well at least I’ll have a funny plantpot.

Get you own ‘I will survive’ plantpot right here.

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A home in Sweden

When I first saw this beautiful Swedish home, I was drawn by the perfect home office. It’s so inspiring and I’m dreaming about creating a similar inspiration board above my desk. I have to get back to work. Had to leave work a bit early today, because I had to take the kids to the dentist. So I still need to write an article or two, before I can relax.

Have a lovely evening. xoxo

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