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A home in Sweden

When I first saw this beautiful Swedish home, I was drawn by the perfect home office. It’s so inspiring and I’m dreaming about creating a similar inspiration board above my desk. I have to get back to work. Had to leave work a bit early today, because I had to take the kids to the dentist. So I still need to write an article or two, before I can relax.

Have a lovely evening. xoxo

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Malmö Living

After a small blog break I’m back. January was way to busy and crazy for me to handle right now. Hopefully, a new month will mean a new chapter and some peace and quiet. Finding peace and quiet for me is taking a walk by the fjord here in Aalborg. Just being near water calms me down right away. That is why I picked out this wonderful Malmö apartment. This is just pure bliss in my opinion.








48AAQLFA2VCLP6RL Source: Bjurfors


Let’s get cozy inside

Preparing for a weekend full of snow, great company and relaxing times. Here are some of the things I would pick for a few hours alone – some quality time just for me.

The fireplace will be a bit difficult though – since the people, who lived here before us got rid of it. But I still wish they’d kept it – I would love to sit back, enjoy a hot cup of tea and just relax in front of a fireplace. Hopefully, this weekend will bring a few hours of silence and peace. I would enjoy the silence and just think, read or simply look out the window.

It’s way too dangerous having a moshi moshi mind shop here in Aalborg. I’ve been in there once, but I’m ready for another visit – soon. Here are some of the things on my list.

getting cozy Pictures: – 123456


ferm living SS14

I’ve been waiting a long time for a black wire basket top, so I’m pretty excited about their SS14 collection. I’ve fond a few other lovely things from the new collection. Get a closer look at the new collection right here in their catalogue. What is your favourite item from the new collection?

fem living SS14 favourite Photos: ferm living


Things I’ve bought lately

New beauties

I’ve been a very lucky girl this season. In the last days of December, we bought a few beautiful design icons for our home. Some of them have been on my wish list for years. I cannot wait for the last things to arrive.

Along with some of our Christmas presents, well now our dining room/my work corner/ our library is coming together. I’ve hated this part of our home ever since we moved in, because we hadn’t found a proper solution yet.

But now I enjoy walking into the room, and I can actually relax, when I’m in here reading or simply relaxing. I don’t get lost in thoughts like “Oh, we could add this piece of furniture in here, or this painting”. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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