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A home with the perfect bedroom

SFD9BD79589BB714F4FACF99055414BA3B7 I’m really fascinated by this Swedish home, which I found on Stadshem. Just take a look at the bedroom. What an amazing room!

I love the black ‘wall’ separating the two beds from each other. It’s the perfect way to create two rooms in one. I’ll be looking into a similar solution for our home that’s for sure. And what a perfect workspace as well. I would love to work from home and looking out on the trees.

The bunk bed is wonderful. I’ll show it to my daughter when she gets home, because on top of her wishlist is a bunk bed. This one is perfect for inspiration. The rest of the home is also quite breathtaking. I hope you’ll enjoy the tour and hopefully get inspired just like I did.

Have a wonderful day <3

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Pink stairs print <3

Pink stairs annaleena se You just know it right away. This is something special. This beautiful Pink Stairs art print is on top of my list of things to buy for myself these days. It’s simply stunning! This truly was love at first sight. The print size is 70×100 and the photographer is Annaleena Leino-Karlsson. You can get your hands on the beauty right here. It’s a limited edition print, so please don’t buy all of them before I get the money to buy my own <3

I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday out there. Next week I’ll show you some cool DIY Advent calendar ideas. I love the fact that we’re slowly approaching my favourite time of the year. I love December, well to be honest, I love the days prior to Christmas Eve, and the tour de Denmark that follows in the days after.

Beautiful storage for the kids from Rafa Kids

I almost forgot about this new storage system, which I saw a while back. I really liked the system from Rafa Kids at first sight. And now that I’ve seen even more pictures of the system, I’m convinced that I really need one or maybe to in my home.

We’ve been using the String system for years now. My daughter in particular likes the system. But my husband is ready for a change. He used to joke about me wanting to add a String shelf in every room. I actually managed to do just that – but now I can actually see it from his point of view.

It might be time for a change, or at least to introduce new storage systems in our home. At least my son doesn’t have a large String system – only a few String Pocket shelves. Wow – this post was actually supposed to be about a new and cool storage system from Rafa Kids.

When I saw the different shelves from Rafa Kids for the first time, I really liked the different shape, and the fact that you can get it in so many different sizes. The pictures below are of their shelves collection. I’ve picked out pictures of their S shelf, their M shelf, their L shelf and their XL shelf. Which one is your favourite? Oh, and sorry for the many pictures, I just had a really hard time picking just a few. It’s just such a beautiful collection.

Rafa-kids shelf L 01 Rafa-kids shelf L 06 Rafa-kids shelf M 01 Rafa-kids shelf M 02 Rafa-kids shelf M 03 Rafa-kids shelf M 05 Rafa-kids shelf S 00 Rafa-kids shelf S 01 Rafa-kids shelf XL 01 Rafa-kids shelf XL 04

Photos: Rafa Kids

Cool DIY projects for fall – all with Ikea items

DIY for fall It’s getting darker outside every day right now. And most of the bright hours during the day are spent behind a desk working, right? At least that’s the case with my time right now.

But I wanted to add a few fun projects, projects that won’t take up too much time (and thereby never get finished – like the ones I told you abou here). I’ve collected a few cool DIY projects that I want to do during these dark hours.

I’ve selected three different projects. First up is the terracotta pot series Ingefära from Ikea. Truth be told, I will never be a fan of the terracotta color and that is why I love this little DIY project by Frida from Trendenser. Frida is also the woman behind the second DIY project, where she has painted three Ikea stools in different colors. They would be cool as bed side tables or simply a stool.

Lastly, I want to make a cool Ikea trash can with leather handles, like the one Valentina shoved on her new blog House of Valentina. Check out how to make this leather trash can right here.

Breathtaking interior in Sweden

How has your week been so far? Longing for the weekend? Or are you on top of the world? I’m a little in between. We’ve got a family thing this weekend, which means that I’ll miss my yoga class and my boy will miss soccer practice. But hopefully we’ll have a fun day together as a family.

It’s probably the season, but I cannot stop thinking about things to redecorate in our home. It has been a crazy year, so we haven’t finished some of the projects which we started, like our hallway which I mentioned in my last post. Maybe the smartest thing would be to finish them before taking on new projects.

But seeing this beautiful home, well I really wish we had the time and energy to move on with our home project. Hopefully, this time around winter will be a whole lot better than the last one. In fact, I’m pretty sure it will – I can almost feel it.

Just sit back and enjoy this beautiful interior.

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Images: Alexander White via Traveling Mama

Hallway inspiration – get ready for the winter season

Somehow we’ve managed never to finish redecorating our hallway. So I’ve decided to do something about it now. It’s the first thing I see when I come home, and the first thing our guests see when they arrive. Our hallway is in need of some serious TLC and some finishing touches.

Seriously, how long can it take to get it finished. With the winter season approaching, we really need it to be more functional. With two kids, and their friends, as well as two adults (and their friends as well), well the hallway gets crowded and messy fast. I admit, I do have my share of shoes out there, but so does the rest of the family.

I don’t just want the space to be practical. I want it to look good as well. I’ve collected a few pictures for inspiration in this post. I’ll be working with these in mind, when I give it another go out there.

Hallway collage Hallway collage

Images: | Nice and simple hallway via Sköna Hem | Beautiful ByLassen hallway via That Nordic Feeling | Halway via dadaa. | Beautiful hallway via Nordic Design | Hallway with Norman Copenhagen pockets via dadaa. | Beautiful transformation by Stylizimo |