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Interior inspiration on a lazy Sunday

It has been one of those lazy Sundays here with a late breakfast with a lovely cup of coffee. After that it was time for a long planned movie date for the whole family. There is nothing like a pyjama day once in a while. We watched Big Hero 6 under warm blankets and drank more coffee.

After that the kids have been playing and making movies. I had a few practical things to take care of, and now I think it’s time for a walk outside, and enjoy a sunny day in October.

A cool Swedish home
But before I leave you, I want to share a beautiful Swedish home with you. The home is a former cinema, which in itself makes it pretty cool. I’m in love with the color scheme and the interior. The home has been styled by the talented stylist Josefin Hååg and the amazing photos are by photographer Kristofer Johnsson for the magazine Residence.

Kristofer_Johnsson Kristofer_Johnsson Kristofer_Johnsson Kristofer_Johnsson Kristofer_Johnsson Kristofer_Johnsson Photos: Kristofer Johnsson

Introducing Puik Art – cool Dutch design for your home

Skærmbillede 2015-10-06 kl. 11.14.46

A few weeks back I was contacted by Puik Art. I didn’t know anything about who they were or what they did. I then found out that Puik Art collaborates with young and talented Dutch designers to deliver innovative and original products. They work closely together with designers in a special partnership, where Puik Art helps young designers launch their creations. Puik Art also develops and designs products for their own label, as well as for other companies.

I was lucky enough to test two of their products; the Flowerpower and the cork Clork, both designed by Ilias Ernst. About his own design, Ilias says: “My products express simplicity and creativity with a surprising twist”.

Puik Art clock

Simple forms combined with natural material give the ‘Clork’ its distinctly unique look and feel. “Its left corner stands firmly in the present, whilst the rounded right side allows time to roll by”, according to Puik Art. I’ve tried out different places in our home, from the bedroom to my boy’s room. But right now I’m enjoying the ‘Clork’ in the dining room.

Clork Puik Art Collage

The ‘Flowerpower’ is a plastic four meter long extension cord. The Flowerpower cord is shaped after the iconic Dutch tulip, which makes it worth showing and adds the perfect twist. It’s such a cute idea.

Right now my Flowerpower is hanging in my window, with white balls of light hanging from it. To my otherwise very black/white/grey home, the Flowerpower adds a splash of color, which I really like. But it’ll also be used around the home, depending on whoever gets their  hands on it first, in situations where we would normally use a boring electrical cord.

flowerpower Collage

I’ve been playing around with the two design items last weekend, and both items are a hit in our family. Both kids want the clock in their room, and since we created the lamp out of the flowerpower cord and same light balls, my daughter has asked numerous times, if she can have the lamp in her room. I’m not at all done with these items, and I’m pretty sure the clock will end up in our dining room. I’m going to try out different solutions with the flowerpower cord, because it would also be handy, as an extra long extension cord for when we’re working from home. Do remember to check out my Instagram for more pictures of these two lovelies ahead. You can buy the products and lots more by the talented Dutch designers right here.

*This post is made in collaboration with Puik Art. All words and opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

Creating a cozy bedroom ready for fall

Cozy bedroom final

I don’t know about you, but I love fall. Actually it’s my favourite season. I love how the city changes and everything turns from green to beautiful red and orange colors. But for me, fall is also about making our home cozy and ready for the winter. Therefore, it’s time to dig out all of those warm blankets from the attic and start decorating for fall.

How to get your bedroom ready for fall
On top of my list this fall is the bedroom. I agree with the sleep experts at the mattress company Casper that the bedroom should be nice and cozy, and not filled with all the junk, you don’t know where else to put. So if you haven’t gotten rid of that, now is the time. In other words, it’s time to make your bedroom the most comfortable and coziest room in the home.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, and what is more appealing than to sleep in when it’s cold outside? In order to fully recharge your batteries and be able to relax, you need a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom.

A room made for relaxing times
For me to relax, I need my bedroom to be tidy and spacious. Preferably without to much clutter to distract me. My bedroom is a place for meditation and relaxing. Therefore, I don’t have a TV in there either. But calming music and candles are welcome. As you can see, my style is very Scandinavian – I love to surround myself with beautiful nordic design. It has a calming effect on me, because of the color scale.

This fall I’m thinking about painting one wall in the bedroom. I’m thinking moss green. I’ve been quite smitten by that color for quite some time now. To get a more green feel to the room, I’ve added a few of my baby Pilea plants. This fall the bedroom will be ready for me to put on warm socks, a nice scarf and just drink my morning coffee in bed while reading a book.

I’ve collected some key items that would turn my bedroom into my cozy spot.

Malfile graphite scarf by Yvonne Koné
Amp table lamp smoke/black by Normann Copenhagen
Warm pearly socks from moshi moshi mind
Throw – mohair with bamboo fringes by Cozy Living Copenhagen
The Kinfolk Home
Linen duvet cover set from H&M
Hammershøi cup from Kähler Design
Pocket Organizer 2, black bt Normann Copenhagen
Urbania Lighthouse Etage from Kähler Design
Moss green paint

This post was written in collaboration with – Opinions expressed are solely my own.

Cool bedroom makeover – for mother & daughter

I’m almost there… tomorrow is exam day… and after that I’ll have time to blog again. Gosh, I really miss it. And because of the course, I’ll be a much wiser blogger from now on. Stay tuned for some improvements.

I just need a break away from all the course material and I wanted to share one of my favourite room makeovers. One room with so many lovely details. There is room for mom as well as her daughter and that’s not all. Check out these amazing solutions, and I bet you’ll be dreaming about a bed like this tonight. Check out BoligLiv for before pictures as well.

one room - 4 different functions BoligLiv 2 one room - 4 different functions BoligLiv 3 one room - 4 different functions BoligLiv 4 one room - 4 different functions BoligLiv Images: Boligliv.

OMG it’s fantastic Frank….

I’m back in Aarhus again and finishing up the last few weeks of the course.

I’ve been exploring the city after class ends every day, which isn’t half bad. Truth be told, I still miss the little ones and my man like crazy. I miss kissing them goodnight and picking them up from school. I miss the everyday life with them.

But in the meantime, I’ll enjoy fresh juice from Juice Stop. It has turned out to be quite addictive. I’m thinking about trying out their Juice cure as well. But enough about food.

The real reason why I stopped by was to show you an amazing apartment, which I’ve found on Fantastic Frank’s blog.

SFD2C08A84607914FAC8364952C9CE7BF92_2200x SFD4FB972A2F5ED4722B9491342CC4A6D83_2200x SFD95D4BCF3881E4AADAE0FFAA7FEAB23D4_2200x SFDA2270E71C4F14E0585654C3C1A14A61E_2200x SFDEC347F55043E43A9AC41D8999359F459_2200x SFDC77971C9A9644D72AAE7E97AEC372679_2200x SFD94F9CF339167487A89279658EA6A995E_2200x

Source: Fantastic Frank – Stylist: Linnéa Salmén