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Friday Cravings from Foto Factory

This week an email landed in my inbox. After opening it, well, to tell you the truth, I haven’t been able to think about much else since. The mail from was full of amazing photos by Foto Factory. Photos of some of my favourite parts of Denmark. Beautiful pictures of landscape and the beautiful nature here in Denmark. I’m finding it extremely hard picking out which photo to hang on my wall. But I’m quite certain that I’ll end up buying at least one. Here are a selection of some of my favourite photos. Which one would you pick?

SOLNEDGANG OVER STAVNS FJORD - foto factory RAABJERG MILE fot factory LØKKEN STRAND - foto factory HAVET VED SKAGEN - foto factory BÅDE VED STAVNS FJORD foto factory BADEBRO VED BALLEN - foto factory Photo #1 – Solnedgang over Stavns Fjord
Photo #2 – Raabjerg Mile
Photo #3 – Løkken Strand
Photo #4 – Havet ved Skagen
Photo #5 – Både ved Stavns Fjord
Photo #6 – Badebro ved Ballen

Studying hard in Aarhus…

This is my second week in Aarhus. I’m attending a course in Online Marketing, which is really interesting. I’m really excited about this course, but it also means that I’ll be busy studying again, because there is an exam at the end of September.

Therefore, I might not be quite as active here on Espresso Moments during the next couple of weeks, but I hope to stop buy a few times a week, to inspire you.

While I’m here in Aarhus, away from my family, I dream about a family vacation. I wouldn’t mind a day or two in Göthenburg in Sweden. Looking at these pictures of a typical swedish home makes me want to go even more.

Alvhem home Alvhem home living room Alvhem home dining area

Source: Alvhem

ferm Living AW15 – The new lines

Today, I want to share some of my favourite pieces from ferm living‘s AW15 collection. Ferm living AW15 Here is what I’ve picked out from the new collection. I really like the Turn Sofa and the Turn Daybed. Really beautiful and simple and they go straight to my list of candidates for our dining room corner.

The Cluster Tables are simply gorgeous, and I’ll have a look around our home and see if I can find a space for them. The Square Magazine Holder is pretty cool, and for someone like me, who buys way too many magazines, well I need to keep them somewhere nice.

I also found a few things for the kids. Two cute Gym bags – the Rose Rabbit Gym Bag for my girl and the Landscape Gym Bag for my boy. I also fell in love with the Rose Rabbit Bedding. I guess it’s not going in our bedroom, my husband would hate it, so I’ll have to convince my daughter that she cannot live without ; )

07_13855_low 36_6735 kopier_low 24_14879_sand baggrund kopier_low 01_13694_low Pictures: ferm Living