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Prints from The Poster Club

Today, I want to share a few beautiful prints with you. I’m trying to decide, which prints to hang on the wall in our dining room corner. I’ve been looking at prints from the shop The Poster Club and here are the ones I’m currently considering.

The poster Club 1 Collage The Poster Club 2 Collage The Poster Club 3 Collage

1. Flowers by Kristian Holm
2. Getaway by Jaana Komulainen
3. For Rest by One Must Dash
4. Haze by Anne Novak
5. Art #62 Grey Water Color by Nynne Rosenvinge
6. On The Road 2 by RK Design
7. Backside by Via Martine
8. I do I do I do by One Must Dash
9. The Hand by Chieska Smith

Friday Cravings

It has been a week full of new beginnings. I now have two kids at the same school and the first week has been amazing. Just looking at the little one, when he waves his goodbye and runs off to play with his friends. And seeing my girl hugging and talking non stop with her friends at school. The second day was the hardest. He cried a little when I had to go, but we’d expected that. The first day is always exciting, then they realize that they’re going back the next day. But they are both in very good hands and it has been a wonderful week.

My biggest craving this week must be the botkyrka shelves from Ikea. I’ve been dreaming about them and re-decorating around the house with the shelves in mind. I’m gonna use grey ones in the kitchen and white ones in my little guy’s room. He needs storage for all his Lego, and they would be perfect. And speaking of Ikea – yesterday the 2016 catalogue became available online. You can download it via app store right here. BOTKYRKA Collage

Photos: beeldsteil, mydubio, Ikea, amm blog

For the love of pink

While the kids are visiting my parents, I’m getting ready to celebrate my little man’s birthday this weekend. So I’m busy cleaning the house and making various treats for the guests. Later we’ll go out with a few friends and listen to some of the music around the city.

But first I want to show you this amazing apartment. I absolutely love the pink details around the home.

SFD5C70F13949794BE39B7EADF99C36A822_2200x SFD22C092F884ED4DD9999FD40BA24FE5E8_2200x SFD68B8EE5420A94FE993FED6DBC3B1C936_2200x SFD76146E90E1944B93BDD6417A9146CE69_2200x SFDBA824F1038B44E6ABFBD17ABDCCA1C91_2200x SFDBADDB1B9190E461FA57D27257BD36859_2200x

Source: Fantastic Frank 

Friday craving from Kinfolk

The kinfolk home

Actually, I don’t have a lot on my Friday craving list this week. I haven’t stumpled upon that much since last week – maybe it’s because I’m still wrapped up in holiday mood. However, I did see some really exciting news. In October I’ll have one item on my craving list: the new Kinfolk book – The Kinfolk Home.

This is what Amazon writes about the book:

The Kinfolk Home takes readers inside 35 homes around the world, from the United States, Scandinavia, Japan, and beyond. Some have constructed modern urban homes from blueprints, while others nurture their home’s long history. What all of these spaces have in common is that they’ve been put together carefully, slowly, and with great intention. Featuring inviting photographs and insightful profiles, interviews, and essays, each home tour is guaranteed to inspire.

Photo: Amazon

Inspiring outdoor spaces

Though the wind is still going strong here in Aalborg, I decided to show you a few outdoor spaces that I love. Later today a group of friends will join us for a a cozy afternoon and dinner – hopefully in the garden.

on-met-l-ambiance-sur-la-terrasse_4597930 The-perfect-Danish-home-with-a-sleek-and-fresh-style_8 Fredon-ikea-1 pin my-paradissi-my-home-my-paradise-colorful-loft-urban-outdoor-space-fourteen-forty-amber-gress-style-me-pretty
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Insta love #5

Minna Jones Instalove

Minna Jones has been an inspiration for me for years. I’ve always returned to her blog for inspiration and I want to give a shout out for her instagram account as well. I’ve picked a green theme for my collage, but you’ll find so much more inspiration right here @minna_jones

Have a lovely and inspiring day <3