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Interior inspiration

SFD1044AB33244240CC9CDD36B88BF8A86C I wanted to throw some interior inspiration your way today as well. This home I’m about to show you almost made me speechless. It’s simply wonderful. I love so many of the details and the use of space. No doubt, I’ll be looking at this home for days.

SFDD20AE3E858F045B1AF5244AD14BE9FCF SFDA13318E8442C4F6BA872804747433BF5 SFDA6D4EC3192974DFDA98A32542D9B08DA SFD23952796C9C04FEDA55716BB3359B853 SFD828D3B60E7084A7180837541AF4A8606 SFD0477C88DB2C640DA9D78E7F4B5C61DFE SFD5A42ED590DF1436E9B7F5B6F66EA9A96 Source: Alvhem

vipp kitchen

VippBlackKitchenSwartz031-754x1024 In my opinion the black vipp kitchen is the perfect kitchen. When I dream about a new kitchen (which is pretty much all the time) this is the one stuck in my mind. It is so simple and so clean cut and timeless, which is very important to me. Hopefully, one day my kitchen would look a little like this one.

VippBlackKitchenSwartz041-768x1024 Source: Pinterest via (My) unfinished home

Insta love #3

As you might have noticed I’ve been attending the Blogging Your Way Instagram Bootcamp for the last two weeks. I’ve meet a lot of talented IGers, and I want to share some of them with you and spread a little insta love.

My first pick is Ciara Elliott @ciaraelliott. It all started because of this book: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Ciara recommended another book, which I added to my summer reading list right away. The Opposite of Loneliness by Marian Keegan will arrive in my mailbox this week and I cannot wait to read it. Thanks Ciara and I look forward to following your IG account from now on. Here is a small collection of her beautiful pictures. Hope you’ll enjoy. Insta love ciara Elliott collage Ciara has got some amazing photos of her family as well, hop on over and check out her profile @ciaraelliott.

Have a lovely day <3

Small living and a busy weekend

After a busy weekend which included a school fair, gin & tonics on a Friday night, a Rasmus Seebach family koncert in pouring rain, testing our new grill, taking pictures of our home, BYW homework, baking, cleaning the whole house, a birthday and a playdate for the kids and our girl had two soccer matches on Saturday morning. Well, no wonder I’m a bit tired today.

SFD40342429758E4F5F9E78B5772062A9D9 Today, I’ll hopefully catch up with my last two BYW lessons, work on the web shop and dream a little about a trip to Gothenburg. This small apartment on Alvhem, made me want to go even more. We’ve taken a trip to Gothenburg the last two summers with our girl, but we haven’t planned one this year. But maybe there is still time. While I dream, you can pick up a few interesting interior ideas from this beautiful home.

Have a lovely Monday <3

living SFDC79157A84C6E4F0087BB88D788B079E4 SFD3993EAFDE0E646EEB90A9A4F19633F55 SFD03C7EBACA1C9469B9B83D0E9D784579F Source: Alvhem

Best of the week #2

Hope Monday is treating you good. I never got around to posting this on Sunday. I was having too much fun and working outside in the garden with my family. We decided to stay at home even though the kids were supposed to visit their grandparents. But some good old relaxing family time was just what we needed. So instead of ending last week with a best of, I’ll begin this week with the post I had planned for you yesterday.
pink kitchen via fantastic frank yellow jacket via fantastic frank Kitchen_lamp_brass1 Stylizimoblog create a life WEKKDAYCARNIVAL_RKDESIGN Lastenhuone 4 instagram the design chaser Source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6