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Weekend and blush moments

Blush moments 1

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It’s Monday again. The weekend went by so fast. Friday night the whole family went to the X-Factor concert here in Aalborg. My daughter had her picture taken with Jógvan and was sooo excited. It was pretty cute. Before the concert we also bought the very first school bag for my little guy. He has had the bag with him wherever he went all weekend.

Saturday we bought new soccer goals for the garden, and the kids (and parents – while getting some much needed work done in the garden as well) played out there the whole day. Sunday some of our friends came by for a game of soccer and coffee and cake – what a wonderful way to end an amazing weekend.

We also bought a few items from Ikea this weekend, which I’ll show you in another post. But it was the start of yet another bedroom transformation. I’ll finally get my own girly corner in there and I’m making a wishlist and will share it with you guys soon. Just need to add a few more items. But as you might have guessed, I’ll be adding a bit of dusty pink in there and a few green plants.

For more blush moments do visit my board on Pinterest. There you’ll also find lots of inspiration, if you want to add a bit of blush to your own home.

This will be all for me right now. Have a fantastic Monday and take care.

Light a candle

It’s time to enjoy the company of your family inside. And what could be more cozy than to light candles all over the home? I put some of mine away for the summer, but it’s time to bring them out of their hiding place. I’ve found a few new ones – and I might buy the christmas light from Normann Copenhagen again this year.

Normann copenhagen lights


Photos: Normann Copenhagen

Making a wishlist for my daughter

Today my daughter and I started looking at things to add to her wishlist. We’ve been talking about things to add for a while now. But sooner or later people will start asking for a list, so I figured why not get started now. Here are some of the things she picked out so far. I’ll add a few more things as we get closer to Christmas.

Wishlist girl Christmas


Get it right here: Nomess Balsabox Personal boxpink Muuto E27 lamp – Hay pillowHay TwinsPols Potten Dream GlobePrint by Froh und Frau himmel rosa

Bed love

This is pure bed love. I’ve been asking myself the question, when is he too old to sleep in his perfect old Juno bed? And how should I use the bed, when he grows out of it? Should I use it as a cozy corner with lots and lots of pillows? I think I’ll end up doing just that. The time is not right – and hopefully he’ll stay in the beautiful bed for a few more years. But I keep thinking that in terms of decorating his room, it would be a lot more practical if he had a larger bed.

Image: Mokkasin

While I wait for my Block table

I (or should I say we) need a table beside our sofa. We’ve been looking through lots and lots of shops in order to find the right one. We decided on the new Block Table from Normann Copenhagen. We’re waiting for the dark grey one, apparently it’s very popular, because we’ve been waiting for two weeks already.

“Designing is an interaction between craftsmanship and industry, and both elements need to come together,” says Simon Legald, who designed the beautiful table. Legald  graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012.

“Block is a simplification and modernization of the well-known tray table.” – Normann Copenhagen

Source: Normann Copenhagen & A+R