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Coffee in Gothenburg

I almost feel like it isn’t really summer if I haven’t been to Gothenburg in Sweden. Last week we decided on a day trip this year with both kids. Unfortunately, the ferry had a little accident on Sunday, and we had to change our plans. We were all pretty excited about the trip, but we decided to go during our fall break instead.

I wanted to return to my favourite coffee spot da Matteo with my husband and both kids.

Da Matteo Instagram Collage Photos via Instagram @damatteo

But I also recently discovered another coffee spot, Kafé Magasinet, which I’ve been wanting to explore.

Kafe-Magasinet-by-Robach-Arkitektur-Yellowtrace-01 Kafe-Magasinet-by-Robach-Arkitektur-Yellowtrace-02 Kafe-Magasinet-by-Robach-Arkitektur-Yellowtrace-05 Photos: Henrik Lindén via Yellowtrace

Friday cravings

Friday cravings week 29 It almost feels like autumn here in Denmark. It’s so windy all the time, and we’re not eating outside as much as we had planned. Today, I crave mostly food related stuff like great organic food – preferably in a box from Aarstiderne (Gosh, I really miss our weekly boxes and meal plans). I would love to add Green Kitchen Travels to our collection of cookbooks as well. I plan to make some serious changes in terms of what I eat this autumn. All these lovely and colourful meals would be well served in the Stockholm plate from Ikea. Lastly, I crave this beautiful necklace by Maria Black. It’s my birthday in August, and this beauty is already on my list.

Sources: 12 (Photo/Colombus Leth) – 34

My essential travel companions

Summer packing Mom I’ve got a few important things on my packing list this summer. First on my list is a book, maybe two, depending on what kind of book I’m reading at the moment and my mood when packing. This year, I’ll bring The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I bought it in Gothenburg last summer, but my husband started reading it before I got the chance, but this summer it’s my turn. I’ll also bring The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan.

This year, I’ll also bring my yoga mat from moshi moshi mind along with my online yoga instructor Adriene. She’s amazing, if you don’t know her. I’ll also bring a pair of headphones, in order for me to relax and meditate. The dusty pink ones from kreafunk would be perfect.

I will bring a bottle of gin this year as well, or maybe buy one when we get there, if I find something interesting. I see no point in taking a vacation from our Friday Night Gin Club. I might try out the gin from Mikkeller. I’ll throw in a good bag of Salt & Pepper chips for the ride, or the first night, when none of us wants to go out and buy them.

Best of the week #3

It’s officially summer in our family. We’ll be unplugging and relaxing and enjoying all the best things Denmark has to offer this time of year. But I’ve written a few blog posts in advance with dirrerent things related to our holiday. I’ll give you ideas and lists of what my family will be cooking and baking over the next couple of weeks, what I packed for the kids and for myself. Thoughts on my boy turning 6 years old and party tips as well. So even though it’s summer time, I’ll still stop by once in a while. And you can always check out my Instagram profile for more daily updates on what I’ve been up to.

Before I leave, I’ve collected a few pictures for inspiration. This week, I’ve been very inspired by how to live with less. I must say, cottage life according to Minna Jones, from the beautiful blog Time of the Aquarius, does seem appealing, when it looks like this. I wish we had a cottage like this, where we could live and enjoy a more simple lifestyle. Enjoy these beautiful pictures, and do visit Minna’s blog for much more inspiration.

I wish you all a wonderful summer and I’ll be back on a more regular basis at the end of July.
_MG_6574-1 321minna jones _ blogi 319minna jones _ blogi 305mj blogi _MG_6476 _MG_6442 _MG_6407 Source: Time of the Aquarius

Friday cravings

It’s Friday already. It’s time to share some of the things on my Friday craving list.

Friday cravings #2 #1 My iPhone cover is full of cracks in the corners, pretty soon one of the corners will break off. Therefore, I’m on the lookout for a new cover. Right now the beautiful cover from Lala Berlin is topping my list.

#2 This bag is turning out to be quite an obsession. I keep looking at the cute rose Mini Lily from Mulberry.

#3 For me this summer is all about cold brew. Therefore, a Hario “Mizudashi” cold brew, in black of course, would be the perfect companion.

#4 I’m a sneakers girl. A few years back, I wouldn’t have thought so, but a quick look at my wishlist on Pinterest will tell you the truth. Boy do I have a lot of sneakers on there. This is one of my latest cravings when it comes to sneakers.

#5 I want to add some new fresh bed linen to our bedroom. This pretty grey one from H&M will add even more calm to the room, and peace and quiet is what I’m aiming for in there.