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Ikea – what’s on my shopping list right now?

I always have a list of things to pick up in Ikea. It can be little things like napkins or a glass. Today, I want to show you which items are on my current shopping list. Maybe the sofa is more of a wish, but it’s the best candidate right now, and I think we’ll end up buying it.

Ikes shopping list

1. IKEA PS 2014 pendant lamp
2. RIMFORSA tablet stand
3. HEMSMAK jar with lid
5. RISATORP basket
6. NORRÅKER bench
7. BITTERGURKA hanging planter

ferm Living AW15 – The new lines

Today, I want to share some of my favourite pieces from ferm living‘s AW15 collection. Ferm living AW15 Here is what I’ve picked out from the new collection. I really like the Turn Sofa and the Turn Daybed. Really beautiful and simple and they go straight to my list of candidates for our dining room corner.

The Cluster Tables are simply gorgeous, and I’ll have a look around our home and see if I can find a space for them. The Square Magazine Holder is pretty cool, and for someone like me, who buys way too many magazines, well I need to keep them somewhere nice.

I also found a few things for the kids. Two cute Gym bags – the Rose Rabbit Gym Bag for my girl and the Landscape Gym Bag for my boy. I also fell in love with the Rose Rabbit Bedding. I guess it’s not going in our bedroom, my husband would hate it, so I’ll have to convince my daughter that she cannot live without ; )

07_13855_low 36_6735 kopier_low 24_14879_sand baggrund kopier_low 01_13694_low Pictures: ferm Living

Next up is my birthday

I’m next on the birthday list in our family. This year I turn 36. I haven’t had time to think that much about it, and in the end it is just a number, right? This year turned out a lot different than I imagined. But luckily, it’s for the good. I haven’t been this happy or felt this good in years. This year, I’ve added a few more personal gifts to my wishlist, things that will not be added to the household, so to speak, but things that I will enjoy wearing or using on an everyday basis. Today, I’ll give you a sneak peak of some of the things which made it to the final list.

PicMonkey Collage 2 PicMonkey Collage

During the last year, I’ve been reading books again. And I want to make time for even more reading this fall. High on my list is of course a gift certificate to an online bookshop. In October, I’ll buy the new Kinfolk book, which I wrote about here. I can hardly wait to sit down with a cup of coffee and start reading it. But high on my list is also the book The Monocle Guide to Good Business. It would be amazing to read under the light of the beautiful Reade Table lamp from Menu.

Something I’ve taken up this year, or the end of last year to be precise, is yoga. It’s amazing for me and my body, and I want to get to know even more and learn even more. So comfortable yoga clothes from Sofie Schnoor’s collection also made it to my list this year.

I’ve included af few other things on my list. The necklace Caro by Maria Black, would look great on me this season. The print I do I do I do from One Must Dash would be perfect for our new corner in the dining room. And I want to start redecorating the corner soon. What would make my day (and night) would be to sleep in this bed linen from H&M. Lastly, I need some more beauty products. Purely Professional is such a great match for me (and my daughter), so we need to add a few more products to our collection.

But mostly, I want to be around the people I love and care about on my birthday. Throw a dinner party and just drink some wine and talk all night.