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9 cool gifts for dad

Monday I went shopping with my little one. We were on a mission. We wanted to get a gift for ‘farmand’. My little one was so excited about going out and buying a gift, even though he was a bit sick. Our daughter is also creating her very own gift for dad – right now she is adding some finishing touches to her ‘dad painting’ – a DIY project by IDEmøbler and Frk. Hansen – get your print right here.

Here are a few other gift ideas for your favourite dad.

fars dag gaver 1. Frederik Bagger – lowball glass
2. Our Berlin Vodka
3. The Monocle Guide to Good Business
4. Playtype Welcome to the city of champions poster
5. Dad mug from Liebe
6. Weber grill
7. Firepit
8. toCHARGE from Kreafunk
9. Coffee subscription from Coffee Collective


Weekend – Garden dreaming

Garden dreaming It’s time to decorate our new terrace in our garden. I’ve been looking at different tables and chairs all week. I’m still not quite sure what to get, but we need something soon. It’s time for long nights, drinks, colourful lamps and good company. I’m ready for summer in our garden and not just our roof top terrace. Here are a few of the things currently on my maybe – maybe – not – list. I see a trip to Ikea in the near future. Maybe a bit of sunshine will make the decision much easier.

Shopping list:
1. Falster table from Ikea
2. Cool flamingo from Kitsch Sweden from Designdelicatessen
3. Rocking chair and table from Ilva
4. Långholmen parasol from Ikea
5. Väsman chair from Ikea
6. A mushroom the kids will love from Designdelicatessen
7. Lökö parasol base from Ikea
8. A Weber Spirit grill
9. Black table with bench


Interior inspiration

Fantastic Frank home Pictures: Fantastic Frank

Today, I want to share a few pictures from Fantastic Frank with you guys. Looking at pictures of this family home in Stockholm makes me want to sort out my work space. I’ve been talking about it for ages, but somehow other projects jump the line, and I never get around to it.

Right now our garden is taking up most of our free time. We’re redoing half of it, and getting rid of old trees and bushes. Hopefully, we’ll get to the fun part down there soon – the terrace and making it cozy. Right now it’s just a lot of waiting around and hard work. I’ll show you the result, when it is more than a pile of dirt. We’ll be working on it for the next few days. Today we’ll also be looking at dressed up drunk teens running around in the streets as well. It the big parade day here in Aalborg, which will end another week of Aalborg Karneval.

But back to my work space. I’m working on different solutions in my head and on Pinterest. I’m in desperate need of storage space. Magazines and pieces of paper tend to pile up on my desk, and it is just too complicated to move everything around when I have to get some work done. I’ll show you what I have in mind soon.

Have a fantastic day <3

When grey meets perfect

SFDE7D8B1402C304F39B8AAF8172872C9DE_2200x Last week I found the perfect home on Fantastic Frank. It doesn’t happen every day, but this time, I must say: I love every tiny bit of this place.
Now I just want to add more grey in my own home. Paint a few doors and chairs, add a bit of dusty rose, finish replacing the kitchen cabins and clean out all the stuff we don’t use after all.

Fantastic Frank bedroom Fantastic Frank Photos: Fantastic Frank

Fun Factory living


I simply love this family home. I saw it for the first time in the Danish magazine BoligMagasinet, and I looked at and read the the magazine spread numerous times. I simply felt inspired and full of ideas. It is the Nørrebro home of photographer Pernille Kaalund, and she done a fantastic job by turning this old factory space into a beautiful, flexible family home for herself and her three kids. The space is also her studio, which is a really cool detail.

bom_18014-05-e88ae20a-536c-4687-9b8c-9575a0082551 bom_18014-12-6d446fce-ea6d-44f5-b379-e97eb11f727f bom_18014-21-8d9fb85a-7e1d-4ac1-96f3-3fe4c54b399c bom_18014-25-943cdd8a-f665-41e1-a52d-188804612ce3 bom_18014-38-604dfbad-21a0-452e-b0af-7244179a29ab bom_18014-43-cab29947-1c53-4cfa-b477-becfc6975419 Photos: Pernille Kaalund via BoligMagasinet.