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Summer reading – Kinfolk

Summer reading is the best, don’t you think? This summer I’m reading on our iPad as well as ordinary books and magazines. And I just wanted to recommend a pretty cool magazine. It’s called Kinfolk.

Since I’m reading it on the iPad, I only have access to volume two and three. Hopefully, volume one and four will be available too soon.

Volume three of Kinfolk explores how we all might benefit from incorporating more of the things we love into our daily routines instead of saving them for the weekend or our next vacation.

I’m trying to change exactly that in my own life just now, so I’m really enjoying reading the essays and personal stories. And I love the thought that we should all welcome food, community, and simplicity into our lives as regularly as possible. I’m so inspired by the content in this magazine.

I thought about getting a subscription, because I like to sit with the actual thing in my hands – yes when it comes to books and magazines – I still prefer the printed ones. But unfortunately it was really expensive, so for now, I enjoy swiping the pages instead of turning them.

I hope you’ll be just as inspired as me, if you do decide to check it out. You can read about the different issues right here, and buy the printed ones as well. And do let me know what you’re reading this summer.

Magazine love

This week I’ve been reading and re-reading the wonderful new iPad magazine Trendenser.

Frida Ramstedt did a perfect job with this first issue. I must say, I’m very very impressed. To be honest, I couldn’t see the point in subscribing to a magazine on my iPad until I saw Trendenser.

I bought a subscription right away, and while I wait for the next issue – I just know I will be re-reading this premiere issue over and over again.

Some of the topics I liked most in the first issue include the styling af the bedroom (see cover), the cute DIY projects, the how to guide and the shopping guide. The shopping guide made me want to go to Sweden this summer with the kids. So, later today, I’ll be looking at hotels in Gothenburg.

So, on this rainy Sunday – if you have a moment to yourself, you should check out this new iPad magazine.

I’ll be unpacking the last boxes today, and try to decide where to put some of our stuff. Have a lovely day.

Source: Picture borrowed from Trendenser

My evening

The kids are sleeping, my husband is out running, I’m skipping meditation class tonight – and I’ve just made myself a cup of tea and is ready for the very first printed issue of Sweet Paul.

Image: Espresso Moments

ALT Interiør

Here in Denmark there is a new kid in town. We’ve got ourselves a new interior design magasine, as I have mentioned previously this week. I still need to read through it, because right now I’ve only had time to browse through it. But from what I’ve seen so far, it looks promising.

The talented photographer Line Thit Klein has shared with us a few of her pictures from the new magazine.

It’ll be interesting to see the next couple of issues of ALT interiør.

Images: Line Klein, Espresso Moments

Photo a Day – Week three

It’s already week three – and to tell you the truth – it’s quite addictive. It’s been a busy week, but I still found time to take my daily photo. So here is my week three in a few photos.

On the 19th I had quite a busy day, and all I wanted to do when I got home was to sit back, with my mac, read a lot of blogs and enjoy a glass of coca cola light and a jankie bar. I also bought a new Danish interior design magasine ALT Interiør.

The other picture was taken in our bathroom, using my daughter’s mirror. Wallstickers are great, when you want to add a little extra. We live in a rented apartment, so our options are a bit limited. So thank god for these wall decorations.

Images: Espresso Moments