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My instaweek

We’re packing everything in boxes right now – and it’s quite a mess around here. But next weekend, we get the keys to our new home. So therefore it’s a bit quiet around here, I know. But I want to share with you a few pictures from my week. As always, you’ll find lots more on Instagram.

It’s sure is strange packing it all in boxes once more. But hopefully, this is the last time for a very long time. We drove by our new house today, and we cannot wait to begin our ‘new’ life there.

My cute girl looking out the window. Older boys are skating outside, and she finds them rather fascinating.

Relaxing in our sofa last night after a wonderful afternoon which turned into dinner with a lovely couple and their adorable kids.

One of our favourite books right now.

For the Photo a Day May challenge I had to take a picture of our kitchen earlier this week. So this is what it looked like, before we started packing.


My Easter Instaweek

This is my week in pictures. A combination of Photo a Day pictures and a few from our Easter Holiday.

#1 Leftover from a quiet night in with my husband. We finally bought Mad Men season four, and now we’re enjoying quality TV again.

#2 PhotoADay Day 9: A younger me (and my husband). This picture is ten years old, taken in Sæby.

#3 PhotoADay Day 8: Inside my wallet – Something i cannot live without – my coffee from Behag din Smag, and my blog business card.

#4 Relaxed in Lønstrup with the kids during Easter. Found these cool signs in one of the cozy shops there.

#5 PhotoADay Day 6: Easter lunch at my parents’ house. The dish is quite special. It’s called skidne æg (shitty eggs – hard-boiled eggs in mustard sauce).

#6 PhotoADay Day 5: Tiny Easter Eggs in my living room. I got them from my mother a few years ago, and they remind me of my childhood.

#7 PhotoADay Day 2: Colour – my daughter playing Uno. Love the cards.

#8 PhotoADay Day 3: mail – We watched the movie You’ve got Mail that night. Remember the time, when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were the perfect movie couple?

#9 PhotoADay Day 4: Someone who makes me happy. This little guy makes me so happy. He loves riding in our new Nihola bike.

#10 PhotoADay Day 1: Reflection. This is me window shopping before meeting a bunch of great girls for coffee and brunch.

#11 Candy leftover from a night in – love the mix of colour and the yellow bowl.

#12 Beautiful daffodils and my tiny Easter Eggs.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Now it’s time to get back to work tomorrow. It’s a short week and before I know it, I’ll be drinking my coffee in Paris. That’s the sweet life.

Say hello to April

It’s cold, but it’s April?! I don’t want to turn up the heat again. What’s going on. I want to relax under a blanket with a hot cup of coffee and a magazine.

My girl is on her way – going to visit her grandparents before Easter, the little one is sleeping in our bed, and I’m enjoying some quiet time to myself.

I only have a short working week next week – three days of work and then I’ll be relaxing, cooking delicious food, drinking coffee, playing games with the kids, and host an Easter lunch for my whole family on Sunday.

April will bring springtime in Paris, lots of jazz, packing away our winter clothes, a re-visit to our new home, spring cleaning, coffee with great friends, music, hopefully Blogging Your Way, ice cream on a sunny day, family visits, eating out and all the other lovely moments of everyday life.

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Photos from my week

This week is coming to an end, and I want to share with you a few shots of what went on this week. I’m still participating in Fat Mum Slim‘s Photo a Day March Challenge, and I’ve enjoyed taking pictures this week. So I’m getting ready for her April challenge as well. Even though I do miss out on a day or two, I really enjoy taking part in the challenges.

Walking home one afternoon – down the road I’ve been walking a thousand times before I looked up and saw this beautiful backyard. Imaging drinking a cold glass of wine up there, enjoying the buzz of the city. This was day 21: delicious.

This picture is on my bulletin board in the bedroom. It’s an old picture of my daughter laughing. It makes me smile every time I look at it. This was day 19: funny.

Walk through this door and you’ll never know what you’ll see. It’s my kids’ room, and I wanted to give this corner of our apartment a colorful touch, so I found these stickers for their door. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to take them all down without damaging some of the, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. This was day 18: corner of our home.

And last but not least my favourite Krenit bowl. One of the few green things I have in our home.

Images: by Espresso Moments