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Black and white photographs

Lately, I’ve come across some beautiful black and white photographs, which I’m seriously considering above our sofa.

The first picture I’ve found on Coco Lapine’s shop. It’s called Black Beach. It’s a beautiful picture of a rock formation touched by the ocean on the black beach, photographed in Iceland. The second is also from her shop, and it’s called Snowy Tree, which was photographed in Munich. The third picture Decordots’ shop. It’s called Rainy Day, and it’s a photo of raindrops on a window.

I’m thinking about buying them all, and then change the photographs on the wall from time to time. The Snowy Tree would be perfect this time of year.

cocolapine-beach-black-print coco-lapine-snow scandinavian-monochrome-bedroom-ohhio-chunky-blanket-and-rainy-day-print-by-anu-tammiste-1

Images: Coco Lapine and Decordots

Spring cleaning on my Mac

I was just spring cleaning my desktop on my mac. I was supposed to paint some more, but I just needed a clean canvas before class.

I saved these pictures from Fantastic Frank some time ago, and I forgot to share them here on Espresso Moments. Just now, I got inspired all over again, and might do something similar in my boy’s room. He’s getting a desk for a ‘big boy’ tomorrow, and I need some decoration on the wall above the desk.

SFD4B8FC8160B85464DB09159D1657DC18B_960x SFD90F7219C9ED94B6A97CF443EC8BEC11A_960x SFD9CDFD33CC5AB444F9DB9C089177AA672_960x SFD4BAEEF1A44124C9EB99C2EE0BCBC46DC_960x

Images: Fantastic Frank

My is now open

This week my opened for business. It’ll be a fun experience for me – no doubt about that. I think it is a wonderful idea to be able to buy beautiful art from all over the world.

You can see all my pictures in my gallery right here.

I’m off to see the carnival here in Aalborg with my family – so have a nice and warm day out there.

Photos from my week

This week is coming to an end, and I want to share with you a few shots of what went on this week. I’m still participating in Fat Mum Slim‘s Photo a Day March Challenge, and I’ve enjoyed taking pictures this week. So I’m getting ready for her April challenge as well. Even though I do miss out on a day or two, I really enjoy taking part in the challenges.

Walking home one afternoon – down the road I’ve been walking a thousand times before I looked up and saw this beautiful backyard. Imaging drinking a cold glass of wine up there, enjoying the buzz of the city. This was day 21: delicious.

This picture is on my bulletin board in the bedroom. It’s an old picture of my daughter laughing. It makes me smile every time I look at it. This was day 19: funny.

Walk through this door and you’ll never know what you’ll see. It’s my kids’ room, and I wanted to give this corner of our apartment a colorful touch, so I found these stickers for their door. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to take them all down without damaging some of the, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. This was day 18: corner of our home.

And last but not least my favourite Krenit bowl. One of the few green things I have in our home.

Images: by Espresso Moments