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Coffee and friends

This weekend was all about coffee and great friends. My Saturday began with a cup of coffee at Behag din Smag – my favourite place in the city, with my oldest friend in the world. Then dinner with friends and MGP with my family. My girl was so excited about the songs – it was really adorable. Sunday the whole family visited a colleague of mine and her family. A cozy afternoon with lovely food and great talks and the cutest dog ever. My batteries have once again been charged to kick off yet another week.

Skærmbillede 2014-03-08 kl. 15.44.50



Prints for my kitchen

DesignLetters but first coffee etsy

Our little staycation has come to an end – and we’re back to normal again. We’re all a bit more tired at night than usual, but in a few days our bodies will be back to normal mode again.

We rearranged our bedroom, and threw out old clothes. It’s time for new beginnings and and less clutter around the house. It’s time for light and simplicity. I love the fact that I can see sunlight coming through my windows again and I love all the tiny snowdrops in our garden.

We’re trying to de-clutter our kitchen as well – and I’m looking for a print to hang above our kitchen counter.

So far I’ve found a few favourite prints – like the “but first, coffee”print  by LetterDesign on Etsy. I’m also quite tempted by this beautiful brownie recipe.

Photo: LetterDesign


Balance me please

In half an hour I’m off to work. My last day this week! When I get home I’ll enjoy a few much needed days with my husband and my little man and not so little girl. We’re not going anywhere for a change – no quick trip to Hamburg or Gothenburg. Just cozy time here in Aalborg. I cannot wait to get home ♥

Photo: ylva skarp

Happy Valentine’s Day

Right now I’m enjoying Valentine’s day with my husband. We planned a special day including time at a spa, delicious tapas and white wine, a small jar filled with cheesecake with peanut butter and salted caramel.

Later we’ll enjoy lots and lots of Summerbird chocolate including their chocolate tapas and cute mini Valentine’s chocolate covered marshmallows, and  a bottle of Sparkling Summerbird.

Have a lovely day and evening out there.

Valentins day Pictures: SummerbirdThe Food Club – Pinterest 123


Things I would buy at Society6

I’ve been looking at many beautiful things lately. Society6 is just full of tempting things to buy. I especially like the things designed by Riikka or RK // Design. I’ve been reading her blog weekdaycarnival for as long as I can remember, and it’s one of the blogs I always return to. I’ve been looking through her designs in her Society6 shop and I’ve picked out my favourite items. All the things can be found right here. I hope you’ll enjoy.

black and white shopping Pictures: RK // Design @ Society6