It has been a week full of new beginnings. I now have two kids at the same school and the first week has been amazing. Just looking at the little one, when he waves his goodbye and runs off to play with his friends. And seeing my girl hugging and talking non stop with her friends at school. The second day was the hardest. He cried a little when I had to go, but we’d expected that. The first day is always exciting, then they realize that they’re going back the next day. But they are both in very good hands and it has been a wonderful week.

My biggest craving this week must be the botkyrka shelves from Ikea. I’ve been dreaming about them and re-decorating around the house with the shelves in mind. I’m gonna use grey ones in the kitchen and white ones in my little guy’s room. He needs storage for all his Lego, and they would be perfect. And speaking of Ikea – yesterday theĀ 2016 catalogue became available online. You can download it via app store right here. BOTKYRKA Collage

Photos: beeldsteil, mydubio, Ikea, amm blog

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