It’s one of those weeks. I’m really busy and even though I was home alone for 1 1/2 day, with no kids to pick up, only myself to worry about, I’m still way behind. I’ve been working at night this week, which, normally I would not do (I made a promise to myself that I would not go down that road again).

Simple bed.jpg.scaled1000


So here I am, dreaming of a wonderful bed like the one in the picture, or to pack the lovely leather bag and go some place nice. I’m dreaming of a beautiful view of a different city, getting up and getting ready to go out to a cafe nearby to get my morning coffee. Just sit there for as long as I feel like and watch people walk my. In my dream, I’m in Berlin in the lovely apartment we always rent. I’m taking it all in – and enjoying every moment of it. Thankfully, it’ll only be a dream for a little longer.

Source: via la maison d’Anna G

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