We’ve been waiting a long time for some sunshine this year. I want sunshine and long days outside now, in the garden and the city, without being cold or blown away. Therefore, I decided to create the ultimate summer wishlist and hopefully the weather will change for the better soon.¬† Summer wishlist I want to ride around the city on a new bike – the new model Bronx from Batavus is pretty cool. Ideally, I would add another pair of Birkenstock sandals to my collection. Walk around town in the beautiful skirt from Envii and wear the black bra underneath a gorgeous t-shirt. I would enjoy drinks, served in Frederik Bagger glasses,¬†outside in the evening sun with friends, while we listen to music on the aGroove from Kreafunk. Then I’ll write notes and remember to write down what I’m grateful for in the beautiful pink notebook. Then I’ll go to bed and dream about the Lily bag from Mulberry.

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