I’ve been reading Laurana’s beautiful blog Life Thru a Lens lately. And I really wanted to share some of her ideas with you guys. Luckily enough, she let me use her pictures here on Espresso Moments. I did a post about her daughter’s room on the Danish blog Boligcious Kids if you’re interested. Otherwise, stay tuned for some serious decorating tips.

janskattaa_jo_02 janskattaa_jo_05 lastenhuone_syys2012_05 lisavaria_keittioon_02_uusi lisavaria_keittioon_03_uusi luksusta_on_13 makuuhuone_kesa2013_06 olohuoneen_sielu_01 pikaisia_kuulumisia_01 tuulikaappi_01 tuulikaappi_03 valaisinkisan_musta_hevonen_02

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