I found so many lovely pages in the latest issue of  Babiekins magazine. You should check t out. With two kids in the house, I am always looking for inspiration and clothes for the two of them. Babiekins is an amazing source of inspiration. And I especially like this issue, because it features two articles about Denmark.

The first one is pictures from a Danish home.  Blogger Céline (Strawberry Life) takes us on a tour of her children’s room. It’s really cute, and I love all the colors in the room. You can read her blog right here, if you want to know more about her.

Secondly, you can read about the Danish brand Soft Gallery. They make the cutest clothes for kids, and it’s always interesting to read about and see things about people that you admire. So if you don’t already know the brand, you can check it out right here. Or read the article in Babiekins.

The rest is just my collection of pictures and pieces, which spoke to me, when reading though the magazine. You can read the entire magazine right here.

Images: Babiekins

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