We’ve been enjoying our new house this weekend. Still a bit stressed about the unpacked boxes – but I try not think about them too much. Our kitchen has become liveable, and we’ve got a lamp over our table. It is actually quite nice now. I really enjoy spending time in there.

We’re waiting for one small detail – a set of gorgeous grey String Pocket shelves. Oh, yes, we’re also looking for a round (white) table too. But I’m sure we’ll find a good match.

Here’s a look at our new kitchen. You can see more pictures on Instagram.

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  1. Hi! Stopping by from BYW and have had a good time looking through some of your posts as I’m also a big fan of Scandinavian interiors. Your kitchen looks so cozy on these pictures! I moved into our new apartment almost one and a half years ago, but still have many little details missing… it takes time 🙂
    I look forward to follow you!

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