our little guy One more week and the it’s the beginning of a whole new ear for our little family. After the summer holiday, our girl will be in the 3rd grade and our little guy will have his very first day of school. He’s so excited about this new chapter in his life. He knows the place like his own pocket, so finding his way around the school is not going to be a problem at all.

Our daughter didn’t know any of the other kids or the school when she started, so it’s a big change for us compared to the last time. Looking at the picture above, I cannot believe how time flies when you’re having fun. The picture of him, in the cute petit bateau raincoat, outside the kindergarden looking over at the school, is almost two years old.

It’s going to be a teary week for us, because we’re going to say goodbye to the most amazing kindergarden in town. It has been three amazing years, and even our daughter has mentioned numerous times that she wished she’d attended the same kindergarden as our little guy.
my week On Friday afternoon, my daughter and I went shopping for some school supply. Our first stop was of course Søstrene Grene. Friday night ended with a homemade strawberry cake, which my daughter made for all of us. Saturday night we celebrated one of our closest friends’ birthday at bistro 59. Amazing place and food. Today it’s time for some serious garden work again.

Have a lovely day <3

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