I wrote a post about getting your things organised earlier this month, and I’m slowly getting to the point where it’s moving up on my to-do-list. Things are really starting to feel like home here in our new house. We are all very much in love with our new home – and enjoying every bit of it.

So all the small projects like hang up lamps, or String shelves, pictures and stuff like that, well I’m glad to say that we don’t have a lot of these projects left on our list.

So now it is time to get organised – for real. When you move in – you just want to get some of the stuff out of sight and into various cupboards – or at least that was the case when we moved in.

And our kitchen is still suffering from that. So I really want to get everything sorted in jars and with labels on them. And for inspiration I look at these pictures. Maybe I should print one out and hang it on the refrigerator door – maybe that will speed things up?

Source: Alvhem and Boligmagasinet

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