Blogging Your Way

I’m a student again. This month I’m part of Holly Becker’s Blogging Your Way e-course. Holly is pretty amazing – and she writes one of my favourite interior design blogs –¬†decor8. It’s wonderful to get to know the person behind the blog, and learn a lot about what to do and what not to, when writing a blog. I’m enjoying myself a lot. I get tons of inspiration and ideas every day. I cannot wait to implement some of them here on my blog. ¬†Between my new job, my family and BYW, I don’t have a lot of free time to share amazing stuff with you guys during the week. So now you know why I’ve been a bit quiet here lately. But one thing is certain, things are going to change here. I have a long list of things I want to do to make this blog even better. I cannot wait to share my new ideas with you.

In my next post I’ll show you some of the things I loved in the latest issue of Lonny Mag.

Image: Lonny

Sweet Paul for the kids

With two kids in the house I looked forward to a little time alone with the latest issue of Sweet Paul and my Mac. I’ve been doing my assignment for week one (Holly from Decor8’s Blogging Your Way e-course) and now I have a little spare time while the little one is asleep. Here’s some of the pages within the magazine that I find very interesting. It’s always exciting to see how Paul styles the food. This time I think my favourite is the one with the cuttings from books (playing with your food).

You can read the entire magazine right here.

Images: Sweet Paul