Home office

What a cool place. Imagine working from a place like this. I know I would be very inspired, if I had a space like this to sit, relax, write and blog.

Image: Mixr

I’m Loving

I found this picture on the cool Danish blog Bungalow 5. I just love the quote on the wall and felt very inspired to do something similar in my own home. You should go an check out the blog, lots of cool stuff there.

Image: Bungalow 5

Simone Bendix in Paris

Take a look inside Simone Bendix’s apartment in Paris. She lives there with Kasper Winding and their two kids Polly and Pablo. What a delightful way to use souvenirs from the city as decoration – without it being too corny. And take a look at her bed – what a great way to store books and other stuff.

Images: Bo Bedre

Stockholm Living

I’m in love. I’ve been working a lot this week, and haven’t had the time to visit many blogs. But I’ve taken the day off tomorrow, I’m sitting outside Aarhus and the kids are sleeping. It’s pretty great. And I’ve been enjoying myself tonight with google reader. I found this lovely apartment in Stockholm. I know it’s been all over the blog world, but I have to save it too. Lots of fantastic details in this place. And it’s for sale.

Images: Eklund