Life in black and white

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Spring inspiration

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Swoon Bathroom

I’ve found the perfect bathroom furniture. Lovely Swedish design, very minimalistic and simple. Say hello to Swoon.

Swoon is design by Fredrik Wallner. These pictures are styled by Lotta Agaton  and photographed by Kristofer Jonhsson

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This is what I came up with in their digital showroom. I’ll be back for another go when I get home from work.

Skærmbillede 2014-03-17 kl. 05.36.24

Photos: Kristofer Johnsson and Swoon digital showroom


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Cool 45 sqm home

This 45sqm  apartment designed by INT2 Architecture is really amazing. I cannot stop looking at the cool bar area, all the lovely storage space, the really cool bathroom (oh, I just love that). If you live in a small space, have a look around and maybe you can add some of the storage solutions or other cool details in your home.

45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-01 45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-07 45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-08 45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-09 45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-10 45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-13 colorful-45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-03 colorful-45sqm-apartment-russia-int2-architecture-04

Pictures: My Paradissi via decor8


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Winterfeldtstrasse living

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Images: Fantastic Frank

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Coffee and friends

This weekend was all about coffee and great friends. My Saturday began with a cup of coffee at Behag din Smag – my favourite place in the city, with my oldest friend in the world. Then dinner with friends and MGP with my family. My girl was so excited about the songs – it was really adorable. Sunday the whole family visited a colleague of mine and her family. A cozy afternoon with lovely food and great talks and the cutest dog ever. My batteries have once again been charged to kick off yet another week.

Skærmbillede 2014-03-08 kl. 15.44.50



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