Getting ready for fall

It’s getting darker and colder outside every day. I’m struggling to keep warm when I return home. This weekend I found a stack of blankets from the attic.

But I also need a few new items to brighten up my work wear situation. I wish some kind soul would surprise me with one of these items.


Wuth ScarfVera Vega Bigger Dots Asymmetrical –  New Balance sneakersWood Wood dressWolford tightsVera Vega Coco ringLolas Love Bracelet


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More Fantastic Frank

a2 a9a0632 a9a0653 a9a0772 Images: Fantastic Frank


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Amazing work spaces

One of the things I like the most is looking at work spaces. I like how people get creative, because most of the time, they don’t have a whole lot of space for an office at home. I’ve collected my a few of my favourite ones right now. Hope you enjoy.

Home office 1 desk via a merry mishap blog 79ideas_home_office_desk Grey-home-office via stylizimo desk via trendenser

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Fantastic Frank – as always

051 a9a0602 a9a0779 brantingsgatan-48-1968 brantingsgatan-48-1975 brantingsgatan-48-1983 brantingsgatan-48-2011

Images via Fantastic Frank

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New York Living

A few weeks back, when I was home sick, I was reading about the Danish family living in this apartment in New York. I found the magazine again today, and couldn’t help but study the pictures again. I’m in love with this apartment. Just have a look, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it as well.

I’m off to bed soon. My son isn’t feeling well, so I predict a crazy night ahead of me. I should get some sleep while he’s sleeping.

1435-bolig-1 1435-bolig-4 1435-bolig-5 1435-bolig-6 1435-bolig-7 1435-bolig-8 1435-bolig-9 1435-bolig-10 1435-bolig-11 1435-bolig-13 1435-bolig-14 1435-bolig-16 Images: Femina


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Inspired by

Last week I collected a few pictures for inspiration. I’ve picked out a few of them to inspire you as well.

clothhanger-1 diy2 ollie and sebs haus ikea_skosamlaren_inspiration_1

Photos: – 1234 -

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