After a busy weekend which included a school fair, gin & tonics on a Friday night, a Rasmus Seebach family koncert in pouring rain, testing our new grill, taking pictures of our home, BYW homework, baking, cleaning the whole house, a birthday and a playdate for the kids and our girl had two soccer matches on Saturday morning. Well, no wonder I’m a bit tired today.

SFD40342429758E4F5F9E78B5772062A9D9 Today, I’ll hopefully catch up with my last two BYW lessons, work on the web shop and dream a little about a trip to Gothenburg. This small apartment on Alvhem, made me want to go even more. We’ve taken a trip to Gothenburg the last two summers with our girl, but we haven’t planned one this year. But maybe there is still time. While I dream, you can pick up a few interesting interior ideas from this beautiful home.

Have a lovely Monday <3

living SFDC79157A84C6E4F0087BB88D788B079E4 SFD3993EAFDE0E646EEB90A9A4F19633F55 SFD03C7EBACA1C9469B9B83D0E9D784579F Source: Alvhem

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