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Want Wear Need Read in November

Want wear need read November

It’s time for the November edition of Want Wear Need Read. And boy is it getting cold out there. I’m ready for nights indoor with hot drinks, books or a creative project.

Want I’ve been listening to the podcast The Thrive Global Podcast created by Arianna Huffington. She talks about the importance of not bringing your phone into your bedroom. In order to get a deeper sleep, I would like to try and charge my phone in another room, and not use it as my alarm clock. I would really like to add this Arne Jacobsen alarm clock to my bedside table instead.

Wear I’ve been dreaming of this beautiful striped sweater from Mads Nørgaard for a few months now. I would use it over s dress, with a skirt or with pants all winter. Normally, I wear skirts and dresses most of the time during the winter season, so this would be the perfect item to add to my wardrobe.

Need I need a creative project for those long winter nights. I’ve been thinking about knitting a chunky blanket for years, and maybe the time is right. It would be perfect for relaxing and listening to podcasts. I’m dreaming about a grey or dusty pink one.

Read Our family is planning a trip to Amsterdam on a road trip around different parts of Europe next summer. One of the cities we plan on visiting is Amsterdam. I’ve never stayed in Amsterdam, so I need to find some amazing spots in the city. I love reading the Monocle magazine, so I’m sure their guide will be just what I’m looking for.

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Things I’ve bought lately

New beauties

I’ve been a very lucky girl this season. In the last days of December, we bought a few beautiful design icons for our home. Some of them have been on my wish list for years. I cannot wait for the last things to arrive.

Along with some of our Christmas presents, well now our dining room/my work corner/ our library is coming together. I’ve hated this part of our home ever since we moved in, because we hadn’t found a proper solution yet.

But now I enjoy walking into the room, and I can actually relax, when I’m in here reading or simply relaxing. I don’t get lost in thoughts like “Oh, we could add this piece of furniture in here, or this painting”. It’s a wonderful feeling.

AJ lampMilk LampAalborg printKubus 1Kubus bowl

My life right now

It’s been an amazing week so far. Yesterday, I turned 33 – and my wonderful family woke me up with flags and a birthday song. It was magical. I got the most amazing print by Therese Sennerholt – and I cannot wait to hang it on the wall. And I got the wall clock City Hall by Arne Jacobsen. It’s been on my wishlist for ages – and I cannot believe how we could live without a clock in the kitchen for so long.

But today was even more special. My not so little girl anymore started school today. It was a big day for her – and for us as well. It’s the first time for us, so we’re experiencing a lot of different emotions.

We celebrated her day by going out to eat afterwards – she picked out the place – and a few of her new classmates came to eat there as well. It sure has been an eventful day. I’ll be relaxing with a stack of new magazines, when the kids are asleep tonight that’s for sure.

The yellow door

There it is – so full of life and reminding you of summer. The yellow door. Don’t you wonder what’s behind that door? I do.

To me doors are not just doors. There is a story behind every door. And I cannot help but wonder what the story is about this door and what is behind it. Even though it might ‘just’ be the bathroom. Why did the owner pick this door?

Apart from the yellow door, which I dream of having one day, I find this Swedish apartment quite interesting. Just look at all the wonderful lamps. The beautiful Alvar Alto chairs and the Eames Hang it All. This place will stay in my mind for quite some time, I’m pretty sure of that. This one I’ll return to more than once, just to look at the details.

Images: Alvhem

Cool Living

I don’t remember when I found this apartment – but I’ve been going through my computer – summer cleaning I guess – and I found this from bo laget.

The apartment is full of designer furniture, and quite a few special art pieces. It’s a very special home. And what is more, it’s a family home. There’s room for toys in the living room as well.

The office – with my favourite Eames chair and the Arne Jacobsen lamp. Here there’s also room for play – notice the designer toy in the corner.

What an amazing use of the color yellow. I love this kitchen. Good morning sunshine is what comes to my mind right now. Imagine drinking your first cup of coffee here.

Notice the String table and the shelves above the table. To me it’s a bit too much with the wallpaper – I think I would have a hard time relaxing in this room, because the wallpaper is so dominating. What do you think?

Images: bo laget