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Decorating a tween room

It’s all about decorating our tween’s room these days. We’ve been talking about buying a new bed for our girl for quite some time. Some of you might remember me writing about building a ‘storage bed’ for her earlier this year. We kind of left it at that. But now we’re at it again. Trying to find the best solution for us and her. And buying a bed she’ll like in a few years time as well. She’ll turn 11 in January, so the bed has to be fit for a teen.

She’s taken an interest in decorating, and she likes to watch videos about decorating. I’ve been watching some of them with her, in order for me to help her find the things that she likes. We’ve come up with this list so far. We’re not certain about the bed yet, but right now it’s on top of her list.

The happy tween

Black Wrong London lamp from Hay | ampersand print | Strokes beddingHouse Doctor Drops vase pink | Kopardal bed | Hello Kuddfodral pillow | Wildflower quilted blanket


A charming room for a kid

It seems like the never ending story around here. When you think you’re done with the kids’ rooms, then it’s almost time to start re-decorating again.

Okay, I’m partly to blame, I know. I tend to find cool new solutions, and then I want to implement some of them in their rooms.


But apart from my ideas, we haven’t found the right storage solution either. We keep trying new things, but after a while, we get tired of it. It’s either too big, too small, too (insert word), I’m sure we’ve tried it all.

The beds are another problem. It would be so practical if our daughter had a bigger bed, with storage underneath. A cool solution for our son’s room would be a bed like the one in this apartment. It would create the space he needs on the floor, and he would have a nook underneath, where he could have a TV or something similar.

EN181 EN201 EN211

Images via Planete Deco

Bed love

This is pure bed love. I’ve been asking myself the question, when is he too old to sleep in his perfect old Juno bed? And how should I use the bed, when he grows out of it? Should I use it as a cozy corner with lots and lots of pillows? I think I’ll end up doing just that. The time is not right – and hopefully he’ll stay in the beautiful bed for a few more years. But I keep thinking that in terms of decorating his room, it would be a lot more practical if he had a larger bed.

Image: Mokkasin


Jeg har længe været på jagt efter en sengegavl. Planerne har længe været en eller anden form for skyline, så glæden var stor da jeg faldt over det her billede.

I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect headboard for quite some time now. I’ve been thinking about some sort og skyline, but hadn’t found the right solution yet. But now I think I’ve found it.

Image: Mixr