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Normann Copenhagen love

I haven’t been blogging much this year, I know. I’m hoping that things will change, and I’ll be able to focus more on Espresso Moments again. I miss is so much, and not a day goes by without me thingking about writing a post. My mind is just someplace else these days – searching for some answers.

So while my mind is working overtime, I’ll just share a few lovely things – some of them from the new Normann Copenhagen collection – and one of them is an oldie. Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday.

Normann Copenhagen love


Source: Normann Copenhagen

A bit of light

I’ve been home in bed today and just woke up. I blame it all on the return of the nasty cold. Maybe it actually never went anywhere, but I really hope that one more day in bed will make it go away for good.

I saved these pictures on my computer this weekend, and now would be the perfect time to post them. I found them on Bo Bedre Norway, and you can find more pictures right here. Hope you’ll feel inspired. Have a nice Monday!

This is true bathroom love

Source: Bo Bedre Norway

A model home

What is it about this home? It’s been featured on quite a few blogs this week. The place belongs to Patric Öhlund, who is a model and he lives in Stockholm in Sweden. What do you like the most about this place? I had a laugh about the herion and cocaine items, loved the clean interior in the bedroom and fell in love with the wall of books.

Images: Lovelylife


4 different nightstands

I enjoyed a quiet moment this morning, and on Stylisimo I found four very different nightstands solutions. I’m very inspried by all of them. And I would like to pick out a few things in each of the pictures.

I’ve already got the Kartell nightstand, but we’re still miles away from having a cozy and stylish bedroom. So I’ll enjoy these pictures a little more, and hopefully they will inspire me to make my next move in terms of decorating in there.

Images via Stylisimo