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Sunday (fantastic Sunday)

Here is an object I’ve come across many times, and I’m still fascinated by it every time I see it. It’s called Sunday, and is designed by Martina Carpelan. Martina’s goal as a designer is to bring function, esthetics and timelessness together. And this is what Sunday does for me.

Sunday is a combined wall light or candle holder with small shelf. With Sunday the atmosphere is changed by either lighting the candle or turning the socket and switching to the electric light bulb.

Images: Martina Carpelan

Photo a Day Challenge – Week two

I’m inspired everyday just by looking at all the amazing photos being uploaded every minute. And thanks for commenting and clicking like on my photos. It means a lot to me.

I’ve picked out four of my favourite challenges this week. Here is my week two in pictures. Day 9: Daily routine (this is my view every morning when I’m waiting for the bus). Day 11: Where I sleep. Day 13: In my bag. Day 14: Something I’m reading (The latest issue of Bolig Magasinet and the wonderful book by Julia Lahme)

I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t say it enough: See all the other photos on Instagram at @espressomoments or #JANphotoaday.

Images: Espresso Moments


Jeg har længe været på jagt efter en sengegavl. Planerne har længe været en eller anden form for skyline, så glæden var stor da jeg faldt over det her billede.

I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect headboard for quite some time now. I’ve been thinking about some sort og skyline, but hadn’t found the right solution yet. But now I think I’ve found it.

Image: Mixr

Relax in bed

Det er faktisk hvad jeg har mest lyst til idag, men kalenderen siger noget helt andet. Jeg har møder, og så skal manden og jeg et smut til Aarhus i eftermiddag. Jeg skal til et arrangement om Blogging, som Julia Lahme holder for Unge Kommunikatører. Det skal nok blive fedt. Men tilbage til sengen. Jeg faldt over det her flotte soveværelse. Sikke en ro – og hvor er der lyst og venligt. Der kunne jeg godt sove.

I wish I could stay in bed today, but I have a lot of stuff to take care of. A few meetings, an afternoon in Aarhus and a talk about Blogging by Julia Lahme. I’m sure it’s going to be very interesting. But let’s return to the bed. I found this lovely picture og this relaxing bedroom. So clean and light. I wish mine looked like that.

Image: via Je Suis Afro Américaine